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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween.  
This is the first time in quite a few years that I didn't have my little witch hanging above my chair at Market but she was off visiting a quiltshop.
And while she is also a "statement" quilt, she's also a Halloween Quilt.

And this week, both The Witch Is In

and Pumpkin Man kits are 15%.  It's never too soon to get ready for next year.

Back on the Market scene, the Fat Quarter shop filmed our Schoolhouse.
Thanks Fat Quarter shop.

Hashtag Moda.

To see the  YouTube video of the Moda Designers Schoolhouse click Here.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fall Market, 2013

We've started leaving a day early for Markets. 
I really like it - we don't start the booth process worn out and exhausted.  We got to the convention center around 10:00 on Thursday and set about setting up.  
And I'm really glad we were so early this time because we got to see the Moda booth go together.

Moda's theme this year is 
"Make a Splash with Moda"

And these guys sit atop the booth structures where they hang the quilts.

The whale blows bubbles.  :)

I'll take you on a fast tour - have to get dressed and get going but I have a minute to take you half way around the Moda booth.

Barb & Alma from Blackbird Designs -

Basic Grey and Deb Strain -

Brigette of Zen Chic (all the way from Germany) -

Kathy Schmitz (all the way from Portland :)

Edytka and Micheal of Laundry Basket ( the picture is blurred because she never sits still - just teasing, - I think)

Polly Minnick & Laurie Simpson -

And then, my booth.  I always take some of the older quilts as well as the new quilts.  My line for next  spring is called Front Porch and will ship in January. Those quilts are in the back and on the right. There's one outside too but I forgot to take a picture.  I also will have a pattern for the little "Snow Friend" wallhanging this fall as well as a kit.

Anyway, that took us half way around the Moda booth.   I'll try to get the other side today.
Happy quilting. 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Off to Houston for Market - but first - a new tutorial.........

It's officially FALL - and Fall in this house pretty well means Houston and Fall Market.
If you're able come see us at Booth 1938 - just find Moda and we'll be around somewhere.  :)

We're packed - 

well....... mostly
and ready.

There's always a bittersweet element to everything.  I probably need to say goodbye to my flowers for this year.  Cameron is due for a hard freeze shortly after we leave.  
Kelly and Tori will bring in all of the houseplants but the others will be gone when we get back.
Time to rest and wait for the new growing season next spring.

Meanwhile Misty and Jake have gotten the newest tutorial edited and uploaded.  It's on Inside points - like stars and snowman arms.  To see it click here.

While you're watching it, I'd better go pack.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Beautiful weather, stupendous grandchildren and a couple of really neat quilts

What a great start to Fall.  
It officially was Fall on September 22nd but the weather didn't get around to changing until this week. 
Days in the 70's - just right for walks down to the treeline and back.  And then cool nights so it's crisp when I open the door to let the dogs out each morning. 

Cullen and Quinn were up last weekend and made us some great Pumpkin cupcakes.  Usually we cook from scratch but I'm a sucker for saying yes when they find a mix at the store.

I must admit the pictures on the box made the cupcakes look almost as good as they were.
After gathering the eggs they got to work.  Pops ran the big mixer but they pretty well did everything else except the oven part.  

Gabriel didn't get here in time to help make the cupcakes but he and Pops had a good time eating them and reading the big dinosaur book
and carving the pumpkins (I forgot my camera - aargh!)
Oh well, Brooke and Lilly weren't there and Jake and Zoie will come over and we'll all carve pumpkins.  I'd better remember my camera for that!

This guys all ready for Fall - and Sunflowers and Scarecrows is on special this week.  You can get a kit by clicking here.

And with the holidays looming you might want to get started on our Snow Friend Wallhanging, 32" x 48".

I'd better get off of the computer and get back to getting things ready for Market.  
Keep quilting ladies.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Two "New" Classics - Well Three - but Zoie might not want to be called a classic yet :)

My - time is moving so swiftly.  
I ran up to DesMoines yesterday with a bunch of ladies (actually we rode on a bus) to go to the AQS Festival.  I made sure to take my camera with me and promptly left it in my purse on the bus.  
So, sorry, no pictures.
I did take my wallet, credit card and lipstick so I could still buy things.
We all saw lots of really neat quilts and had a very good time.

Before I left, I redid two of my favorite little quilts.  We were out
of kits for Punkin Heads 

and Dresden Turkeys so I redid them in fabrics we had.
So now we have kits again and Kelly decided we should give a 15% discount for a week to introduce the new ones.  The promo code to get the discount is CLASSIC.  Oh, and don't forget to get your Dresden Tool if you don't already have one.

The only problem with being at the quilt shop at 6:30 in the morning was that I had to miss Zoie's volleyball game the night before.  
They won - :)
Such a pretty girl - and a good volleyball player. 
Grandma's get to brag.

Back to work - Market looms.