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Saturday, June 28, 2014

We missed Farmer's Market

And the bunny even looks like Bopper.

I don't grow many carrots that size though.  :)

And since we only have a very few kits for Farmer's Market left I put it on sale for 25% off.

He's such a nice bunny.  

Friday, June 27, 2014

A new member of the animal family at the farm

This is our new friend Bopper.  
We showed you a picture of Quinn holding him so you would get an idea of his size.  
He's a really big boy.

He's also very soft and cuddly.  And he likes to be held - sometimes.
Sometimes he wants to run and play.
He's living in the baby chicken's brooder house since they grown enough to live in the big chicken house.
He seems to really like it here.

He was a house bunny for awhile at Kelly's but he like to nibble on electrical cords so he came to live at the farm for safety reasons.
His safety and everyone else's.
And so their phones could charge  :)

He's not afraid of dogs.

Anyway, to celebrate his arrival we're putting all the books and patterns that have bunnies in them on sale for half price for a week.  
We think we found them all but if you find one we missed one let us know and we'll give  it to you for half price too.

I'd better hop along now and start getting out my 4th of July quilts.
The years just seem to fly by lately.
Have a good week ladies.

Friday, June 20, 2014

We're at home and we've been busy.

June 6, 1944

Pep and I watched hours of shows on the massive undertaking that freed Europe from Hitler's Germany.  It was the largest amphibian landing in history and was awe-inspiring.
Which inspired me to design this little kit.
It will come out later as a pattern.

28" x 28"

You can order a kit by clicking here
Or you can just look at it :).

Have a good weekend ladies.
I'm staying at home and one set of grandkids is due.
No Phillipines  :)
Lots of love and stitching.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

My, Oh My, Oh My - and We're NOT in the Phillipines

No - we're Not in the Phillipines, we haven't been mugged or robbed and please do NOT send money to those scam people.  We are at home and just fine.  
We've also changed the password on our yahoo account.

And speaking of emails, somehow half of our list of subscribers got erased at Mail Chimp.  So we're doing a refer a friend and you both get a free pattern (excluding BOMs).  And I think you get a 10% off coupon if you just sign up so you can keep up on our specials.

Anyway -

back at home we've been busy.
Grandkids (Gabriel, Lilly  

and Brooke

always like playing with the baby chickens.

Zoie even takes her favorite chicken for walks.  The chicken loves it and comes running when Zoie walks into the chicken yard.

Quinn and Cullen are here every other weekend and are either on the computer or x-box or cooking.

And speaking of cooking - this is my husbands new range.  It's his birthday, Father's Day and probably Christmas present from his kids and me - maybe for a year or two :).  
When we built the house years ago we had a built in oven and cooktop that was just fine.  We've had to replace the oven twice and now the ovens that fit in the hole have so much insulation in them that they won't take his roaster or his half/sheet pans.  My - he would get soooooo frustrated.

Luckily the day it got here Jake was having a campout with a lot of his friends.  Here's the brawn it took to get it into the house - it weighs 1100 lbs 

- and here's the brains.

Of course the dogs have kept us busy.  Dobby decided to wear one of Jakes slippers for awhile.

And Spike likes to sit in the cat's water bowl by the chicken yard after our walks.

I actually have found time to do some quilting too.  
We were straightening the loft after the bout of sewing for Market (My quilts went even if I didn't) and we found a bunch of precuts and put them online in the store.  We have very limited numbers but we do have some.  To go look click here.

I've also started uploading my latest patterns and putting them in the store.  It takes a while with our internet but we'll get there.  
So far there's the Snowman Basket Wallhanging made out of my new Castlewood Fabric Line.  To order the pattern click on the words and to see the whole Castelwood line, click on the word or here.

Right now all of the grandkids are gone and it's really quiet for awhile.  Jake here is even at Boy's State for the week.
I miss them but it's kind of nice to just take care of the chickens and dogs and Pep and me for awhile. And of course the garden.
Lots more time to quilt though.

And I'm not in the Phillipines.