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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Saying Goodbye to Winter - we hope

People have asked if I 
decorate with my quilts.
The answer is always 
a definite YES.

Since it's 63 outside it about time
for the house quilts to change from winter to
spring so I thought I would
show you what things look
like at the end of winter.

My couch has 
"Trip Around the Cabin"full of
warm, soft homespuns and lots of 
stars around a center block with a cabin.
And of course you need a couple of 
angel pillows - one homespun, one print.

My chair - where I appliqué each
morning and evening, not only
sports a winter quilt but sits in
front of the desk sporting the Winter
Tablestand Quilt.

Snowmen abound on the mantel
from after Thanksgiving until March.
The rifle is my husbands and is a replica of
a Baker Rifle - a muzzleloader and the first 
rifle adopted by the British, used to defeat Napoleon.
No quilts here but

around the corner in the foyer I always 
hang a large quilt.
This is one of my winter favorites
"Winter Solstice".  It is 73" x 80"  
and was a Mystery Quilt one year.

The Mystery Quilts are some of my
favorite quilts because one block or
set of blocks goes out each month.  
That means I get to appliqué most of
the quilt myself.

At the end of the hall going to the back
bedroom there a space for a small
quilt to hang over my mother's bell
cabinet.  It holds small quilts now and
a few of mom's bells.

This is my sister Nancy's room.
She mainly takes care of the chickens
now since my arthritis is so bad.  She loves 
"Homestead" a Mill Creek Garden
quilt with a chicken house and 3 
Lavender Orpington chickens. 
Orpingtons are an English breed, are
great egg layers and you really can get lavender ones.

So these are "Little Lavender Chicken Birds"

On my bed is "Jan and Pep's Marvelous 
Adventure" - our 50th Wedding Aniversary quilt.

And this is "Little Lavender Chicken Bird" mini
quilt that will hang in the hall starting next weekend.

It will be a busy weekend and a fun one.

Have a good one, ladies.


Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Happy Blockheads Wednesday

I'll always think of Wednesday

as Blockheads Wednesday so

that's what I'll say from now on.

Now, however I'm working on 

the 2021 Mystery Quilt and 

"Starting the Day with Appliqué".

This is Block 3 of "Bees, Birds and Baskets".  

Come join us by emailing Tammy at

The temperatures are coming back

up - it was 60 degrees here yesterday

afternoon after days registering a high 

of -3.  While it was so cold we filled the

bird feeders twice a day.  This is the small birds

feeder up close to the house,

and these are the two on further out.

(My poor big house I got at Country Threads

one year has a battered roof from getting

knocked over so much by raccoons. We finally

started going out at dusk and setting it on the ground

so they wouldn't ruin it.). 

We scatter feed on both the large bench and 

around the birdhouse.

This is Midnight, my sister Nancy's cat.  
He follows her around like a dog and we all
love him.  And unfortunately he is a great hunter.
That is just fine with me if its mice - but not birds.

The middle feeder sits on concrete
blocks on both sides.  
From where Pep sits to read he could see
Midnight go in-between the blocks, be very still,
and grab a bird that came too close.  
Then he brought it to the house
to give to us.  It was still alive so we got it 
and put it in a box to warm up. When 
we let it out later   - it flew away.

We couldn't count of that kind 
of good luck again so I had to come
up with something else to do.  The birds
really needed that much food 
and that many feeders

First I stopped leaving food there 
but needed another feeder.

Here's the new feeder we cobbled up
in the front.  And the great thing is
that I can see it from the chair where I appliqué.

So now I can watch birds in the kitchen and 
the living room.  :). Thanks Midnight.  

This is "Living the Good Life"

the Mystery Quilt from 2019.

I'm not sure what happened but

somehow we never got the pattern or 

kits in the store.  

Well they are both in there now and 

you can go to the store to get one 

by clicking here.

           I thought each week I would start showing 
                                                       you a few quilts people have made using 
                                                         my patterns or elements of my designs.  
I just love seeing what people have
done with them and thought you
            might like to see them too.                     

This is an awesome log cabin by Janet Hedberg. 
She's pulled designs from quite a few different patterns.
I love it.
And this is the Stinson Family Homestead by Denise French.
She said that she'd never appliquéd a pig before.
Georgie Farney and Russ Stinson were our neighbors 
and with the good old Missouri red clay, Denise,
that probably would have been how Santa got 
a sleigh full of toys out here.

If you want me to include a quilt you've made just
send a jpg to Tammy at

I'm going to borrow a tip from Country Threads 
and ask you to attach a piece of paper with
your name on it.

That's all for today. I'm going to get off
of the computer and go to the loft after lunch
to start working on my Blockheads 3 quilt.

See you. next week and
Keep Quilting. 

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Snow and cold and No heater :(

We did indeed 
get the Winter Storm.

This morning I opened the door to
let the dogs out, 
Elizabeth stuck her head out and
turned around and came back in.

Dobby - our Welch Corgi - has 
quite a bit more fur than a bulldog,
so he went out.  Elizabeth finally did too,
but only after I grabbed my coat and earmuffs 
and went out first.

The first things we did was go
out back to the bird feeders and 
load them up.   When the day starts 
out at 9 degrees, we have to fill them twice.

This is what the living room looked like 
for two days - only with the door closed.   The
wood burning stove sits inside out fireplace. 
Mice had gotten into the heat pump - they
fried themselves but they fried the switches
on the heat pump too so we heated with wood for 
2 days.  And Pep and I only got to sleep for 2 hour 
stretches so we could load up the stove to keep it going.

This is a space heater that helped a little

And here's what helped a lot.

This is "Living the Good Life" our
Mystery Quilt from two years ago.

I sat in my chair and dozed and sewed
on the binding.  

Anyway.  The heat pump is fixed now and 
both the pattern and the kit for the quilt will be in the
store later today now that I finally finished it.
Its been hanging over the railing in the foyer all
of this time because I forgot to do the hand sewing on
the binding.

And this is the back of the Winter Tablestand 
that I'm working on.
Right now - I'm off the the beauty parlor.
Have a good week ladies.  


Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Blockheads 3, Block 56

Dancing Stars

by Joanna of Fig Tree


You can go to her blog
to download the pattern
by clicking here.

And now it's February - 
the month of Groundhogs
and love.  :)

So this is our tribute to
the second - "Hearts and Flowers Mini"
27" x 27".  You can go to our store to
get the pattern or the kit by clicking here.

As soon as you do that, let's go see
what the others have done with Joanne's block.

          Jan Patek -
                                                       Brigitte Heitland -
 Lisa Bongean -
 Lissa Alexander -

That was the last of the Blocks for Blockheads 3.
I hope you have liked doing them as much as I have.
I don't know if there will be a Blockheads 4
but I certainly hope so because I really
enjoy them.
Have a good week ladies and see you 
next Wednesday.  :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Blockheads3, Block 55

Wine Not
by Jen Kinghwell

You can go to her blog
to download the pattern
by clicking here.

And this is Mill Creek Garden, my latest fabric line.

Mill Creek is shipping to your 
local quilt shop this week.

Flower Power

So to celebrate and to help out with costs
a little we have decided to do a BOGO
this week with our new Mill Creek patterns.

Bunnies & Baskets


Spring at Home

You can go to the store to buy one and 
get one free by clicking here.

There is one more - Mill Creek Hearts and Stars -
But it just came back from the quilters
and we'll have to wait until we get a 
better picture.  

As soon as you finish shopping
be sure to come back and see
what the others have done with Jen's block.

  Sherri McConnell -
                                                          Jan Patek -
                                                       Brigitte Heitland -
 Lisa Bongean -
 Lissa Alexander -

See you next week.


Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Blockheads 3, Block 54

Windmills by 
Janet Clare

You can go to her blog
to download the pattern
by clicking here.

Our vintage book this month is
Garden Spirit and in it is the pattern
for one of my favorite all time
quilts - Winter Spirit.
I do get tired of winter but I 
never get tired of this quilt.

My friend Cherie Ralston introduced
me to machine appliqué with Winter Spirit
and she did the top center block.  It
is truly amazing work.  Thanks again Cherie.

After looking closely at her block, 
lets go see what the others 
have done with Janet Clare's block.
Oh and if you want to make this beautiful
quilt, you can buy the book for 1/2 price
this month by clicking here.

Now off to see what the others have 
done with Janet's  block.

          Jan Patek -
                                                       Brigitte Heitland -
 Lisa Bongean -
 Lissa Alexander -

Have a good week ladies.

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Blockheads 3

Bear Cubs Round

by Robin Pickens

You can go to her blog    

to download the pattern by clicking here 

This is Block #43

Roses by Jan Patek :)

I posted this just before I went 
into the hospital for the surgery 
on my brain.

I had hydrocephalus or "water on the brain".
It's really not water but my body was producing
way too much spinal fluid that surrounds the
brain and spine and that fluid was causing
pressure on my brain.  My primary care 
physician diagnosed it because my "gait" was 
off when I walked.  Quite often it is caused
by a stroke but I hadn't had a stroke so
we're not sure what caused it.

Anyway, by the time I did this block I could
still needleturn the large flower, stems and 
larger leaves but the small leaves and the
buds just were't possible.  So........
deadlines being what they are, I cut the buds 
and small leaves to size and fastened them
to the block with a dot of glue.  I was pretty sure 
some of you would notice the raw edges but
you can only do what you can do.

Today I thought I would show you how the
block turned out after my brain and fingers 
were communicating again.  I got some embroidery
floss and did a buttonhole stitch around the
raw edges and I really like the added texture.

So now lets go see what the others have done 
with Robin's block.

Sherri McConnell -
                                                          Jan Patek -
                                                       Brigitte Heitland -
 Lisa Bongean -
 Lissa Alexander -

Have a good week ladies.