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Friday, March 27, 2015

Oh My! It Never Rains But ................

This is the first block of Winter Solstice, our Mystery Quilt for 2015.
Most of you making it know that the new girl (who is no longer with us) we had cutting kits  didn't see that she was supposed to cut two pieces for the snow, one for the roof and one for the ground,

What we didn't realize is that apparently she wasn't very good at reading either.  The background sky piece as supposed to be cut 27"x22", it says 27x22 plainly on the cutting sheet.  She seems to have cut most of them at 22x22 - which won't work.
We're mailing the correct size out to you today. Meanwhile, you can at least applique windows, shutters, etc to the house. 
Be sure to keep the 22x22 piece - you'll use it for the background in Block #4.

This is one reason we didn't catch it.

This is our very, very close friend - pretty well family member - Dave Warner.
Dave was regional manager of an local farm and construction implement company.  He was an avid gardner, hunter and all around outdoorsman who taught Jake to hunt and who helped us keep our farm in tip-top shape while providing everyone with game and vegetables.    He and his wife Kim have been part of our extended family since they were teenagers.
He was cutting wood on our back 80 one minute and was gone the next.
His loss is devastating - he will be sorely missed.  
And as Pep said, at least he spent his last day outdoors in beautiful weather, doing one of the things he loved most.
Time will slowly heal the pain - and we are so much richer for having known him.

This is April Showers Table Stand Quilt and

Parasol Princess (58"x58")

Kelly will be sending an email next week with a coupon code for 15% off of both sets of kits and patterns.
April Showers and needing an umbrella seem appropriate at the time and of course, stitching always helps.

I thought I'd do something nice for my Blog people to say I'm sorry for the Mystery Quilt mess.
If you go to the store now - through April 4th and use the promo code SORRY you can buy them for 25% off by clicking here.  :)
And if the applique seems a little intimidating, you can get a few tips by watching the tutorial when you click here.

My Lord, I hope life settles down for awhile.  
At least I have the quilts for the next fabric line, Hawthorn Ridge to work on.  
Stitching does always help.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Better late than never.......

........... Or maybe we're just getting a jump on next year.
We do have Santa every year, you know.

Anyway, we finally got the tutorial up on Santa and how to do his small tree with it's layers and curves.
To watch the video click here
and to buy a kit or a pattern click here.

We hope you enjoy it.