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Friday, December 25, 2009

Hope your Christmas is full of family, food and of course, something to stitch.

Merry Christmas.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

God Bless us - every one

I read Alma's blog this morning after my trip. I would like to urge all of us to join her in doing this. There are a lot of quilters and together we can make a difference.

Her words:

Today remember those less fortunate. I know the economy is bad for most of us. But think how a small amount of money given by a large group of people can add up to a lot. If we all pledge to donate all the change in our wallets to the Salvation Army today, it could really make a difference.

Let's do this!

God bless us - every one.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Almost ready - Merry Christmas to you and Yours

I've been grabbing a minute to read blogs at night before I fall into bed. I love reading the funny ones and the ones about the laid back Christmases - relaxing days Christmases - but not to be had here.

Christmas is a month long event for this household. With kids and grandkids living so near every weekend has something going on and most days of the week are filled with some quilting and some Christmas. One big weekend is the annual picking of the Christmas tree from the front pasture.

Jake and Pops go out and find a tree the right size and shape, cut it and trim the lower branches.

Then we brought it inside and the kids had hot chocolate and cookies. Meanwhile Pep and Jake got the tree in the stand and I put the lights on.
Usually I then slowly trim it but this year the kids drew lots of decorations so I only put up my antique balls and Eunice's (Pep's moms) angel. And of course they added lots of their decorations.
That was a day's work.

Last weekend we had our Christmas with Max and his 3. I made all of the little ones a small crayon tote using a pattern from Clothesline Quilts. Moda forgive me I got "Cars" and "Spongebob" fabrics to make the totes. I thought they were cute and the kids all love to color. My idea was to keep Cullen and Quinn's totes here so they could use them when we go to church. NOT! They played with them all afternoon, colored on the pads I put in them, read the book on "colors" I put in. They were definitely a hit . If I want ones to stay here for going to church, I'll make new ones.

Cullen is the "Cars" person - he was pretty easy to buy for this year. Quinn is the one with Mickey Mouse, Spongebob and Spiderman - a little more diverse. Aidan is pretty grown up at 7.

Kelly, Jake & Zoie will be here Christmas Eve and morning. Then Brian and Shannon and their 3 come Saturday.
A very full month - a very good month.
Meanwhile, I've been slowly but steadily working on the January wallhanging, Mini Quilt and the new Mystery Quilt. I have January's block ready to stitch. I'll take it with my tomorrow - no, it's today now - when I run down to Springfield to my brother's and pick up Zoie's Christmas puppy. Jim's a vet and he found us a Japanese Chin for her. I'll spend the night there while Pep says home and put's toys together. Then back to wrap and bake - and slow down some at night and early mornings to sit and stitch. God bless applique.
On New Year's Eve we stay at home and go to bed.
Merry Christmas and Happy Quilting to you all.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

I forgot

to say - Quilter Kim, please email your shipping info to and Tara will ship your kit right out. Sorry bout that.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ornament Kit

Zoie drew a name and the winner of the Ornament Cutout Kit is Quilter Kim. Hope you and your grandaughter have lots of fun with it. Zoie decided to use some twill and homespun for the back of the ornaments since they would be up against the tree. That way she has 20 ornaments instead of 10.

They have two new kitties this year and have been pondering what to do about ornaments. These, some paper ones made by the kids and some apple slices on fabric loops will probably be the only things on the tree besides lights. Good year to get it for her.
We're off to sew.

Thanks for all of your great comments. We have 9 pairs of cardinals that come to our feeder every day, Brenda. They are just awesome.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A lot of a pretty good thing - mostly

I love snow - as long as I don't have to drive in it. Pep made it home safely yesterday morning and was off last night. Kelly and both of my boys in KC did fine so I just get to think of the pretty part.

I filled the bird feeders early this morning. Bully didn't like the deep snow but went out anyway. Sniff, our Welsh Corgi, may be low but he loves the stuff.

People ask me sometimes where I get the ideas for my quilts. Usually I just process the world I live in - it's pretty rich and varied. This morning I just consciously noticed one of the garden gates. But I've done 3 "Gate" patterns over the last year. Watch for "Spring at the Gate" - due to ship in February with our Looking Back fabric line. We'll be ready for spring around then. Right now, I still like snow. There's a pot of soup on the stove, the chickens, cats and dogs are all cozy and I get to quilt.

This Saturday I teach Girl Gang at Quilter's Station in Lee's Summit. Zoie will be going with me so I got her this kit to make Christmas ornaments. You have to order them in 3's. Zoie has one, Tara took one for Sierra and we have one left. If you'd like one for a little girl in your life, just make a comment below - say something Christmasy or snowy. We'll do a drawing of all of the comments Friday morning.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

And we have a winner

Linda Schaefer of Ca emailed Tara the correct guess. There were a lot of correct guesses and Kendra drew Linda's name from them this morning. Congratulations, Linda. Each month next year you'll get a free Mystery Quilt block.
We have one kit left of Cabin in the Pines and will probably auction it off in January. For those of you who didn't get the kit and want to make the quilt, it will be a BOM that comes out with our next fabric line. In different fabrics, of course.
For those of you that got the Mystery Quilt this year, your last block will be mailed out soon. Have fun!