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Thursday, April 18, 2013

I do believe our drought is over.....

But old man winter is hanging on for dear life.

It's cold and rainy in this part of Missouri but at least it's not snow.
My bleeding hearts and daffodils are greening up

as are Aunt Odell's poppies

Grandma Laird's (Audra's) iris and my lillies.

And just before this last round of rainy days started, Pep and I got some Romaine Lettuce and Swiss Chard planted.  Pep makes the BEST Caesar's salads - can't wait.
I also got some weeding done.  In the bed with the Bleeding Heart there are Hostas still to come up and I hesitate to do anything till they pop out.  Just kills my little OCD heart not to be able to get to those weedy things - weeding is fun at this time of year.  Not so much later :)

And while it's not quite time yet for bees, we decided to put Honey Bee on sale for you this week.  Truthfully, I'm not quite up with Alma Allen and her bees.  I like them in the garden in small numbers and inside the skeps on a quilt.  :)

And while I'd like some warmer weather, it's still nice to be able to sit inside and be cozy while I quilt.  Have a great week ladies.

Monday, April 8, 2013

I think it's finally here - cross your fingers

Yesterday was warm and it was supposed to rain last night.  After church and lunch I went to the loft for a little sewing and then came to the house and got out our seeds. 

We had tilled the beds last fall so after just a little work with a hoe I had rows of radishes, spinach, 2 rows of Mesclun lettuce mix and a row of Black Seeded Simpson lettuce.  There's also a short row on the left end between the perenniels of mustard spinach - like spinach but a little spicier.  We grew some last year and really liked it.
There are also 2 rows of sugar snap peas in a different bed with a little fence to grow on.

At the right end of the bed are some of Grandma Laird's (Audra's) iris.

And it did indeed rain last night.
Hopefully the drought is over here.  The pond is starting to fill.

When I posted the sale on our Farmer's Market kit last week, I forgot to show you pictures of the quilting.

I mean, just look at how Lori's awesome quilting highlights the applique.    Anyway, the kits will be on sale until Wednesday.

This is a picture of the first 2 blocks and the sashing and borders of Spring Break - the BOM kit that started in March.  We're shipping the Sashing, Borders and Binding this week along with the kit for the 2nd block. If you pay with Paypal be looking for an invoice this week.  It will be awhile before you use it but if I don't get it now it will be gone when we need it.  At this stage Moda doesn't reorderso when the fabrics gone, it's gone.  Also a note that the first few blocks are small for the price but the later ones are HUGE so we just even out the cost over the months.

Pep and I looked this morning and even with the rain, our seeds aren't up yet.  I know they mostly say 7 days but it's been 18 hours.  Sheesh  :)

So I will content myself with my beautiful Amaryllis.

And of course, sit and stitch.
Keep quilting ladies.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Slowly - but Surely......

We're still in the warming up phase of spring here in Missouri.  Easter Sunday was beautiful - wonderful weather, good church service, lots of good food and family.

I didn't let the boys ice the lamb cake because I was afraid they'd break off the ears but they got to put the coconut and jelly beans on.  Good memories.  I remember putting the coconut on lamb cakes at Easter when I was young.  
Pep remembers going with his mother to the bakery before Easter every year to pick one up.  We both spent part of our childhood back East.  His mother didn't like to cook - mine did.

The garden is really starting to green up.  We are soooooo ready for green instead of white!

And speaking of green, Farmer's Market is on sale this week.  You can stitch some green and save some green :)

AND AGAIN..........
We seem to be having trouble with our email. Some - just some - are not getting through.
My son says we live in a communication black hole up here. Tori and I check the email at least twice every day, Mon-Fri. If you do not hear from us within 2 business days of sending the email, here's another option.  Go to our store.  On the left hand side of the page, at the bottom are the words "Contact".  If you click on the word it brings up a form to fill out and will send us an email.  Those emails usually get through.  You can go to the store by clicking here.   

Or call. 816-632-7632

And that brings up another issue - the phone. If you call and the phone rings and rings and rings and no one answers it doesn't mean that we're not here when we say we'll be, it means we're on the phone. Why in God's name Centurytel decided to do away with the busy signal is beyond me.

Enjoy your week and keep stitching.

And Linda - please look at the comments on the last post.