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Thursday, April 18, 2013

I do believe our drought is over.....

But old man winter is hanging on for dear life.

It's cold and rainy in this part of Missouri but at least it's not snow.
My bleeding hearts and daffodils are greening up

as are Aunt Odell's poppies

Grandma Laird's (Audra's) iris and my lillies.

And just before this last round of rainy days started, Pep and I got some Romaine Lettuce and Swiss Chard planted.  Pep makes the BEST Caesar's salads - can't wait.
I also got some weeding done.  In the bed with the Bleeding Heart there are Hostas still to come up and I hesitate to do anything till they pop out.  Just kills my little OCD heart not to be able to get to those weedy things - weeding is fun at this time of year.  Not so much later :)

And while it's not quite time yet for bees, we decided to put Honey Bee on sale for you this week.  Truthfully, I'm not quite up with Alma Allen and her bees.  I like them in the garden in small numbers and inside the skeps on a quilt.  :)

And while I'd like some warmer weather, it's still nice to be able to sit inside and be cozy while I quilt.  Have a great week ladies.


  1. I cannot plant anything, nights are too cold, so one more month.
    Love that piece and the blocks, have a quilt pattern with just those that I want to do.


  2. I'd love to see your flower garden in bloom!

    We have gladiolus popping up, ready to bloom in a week or so. In our vegetable gardens, we have quite a variety planted. We're hoping for a bountiful harvest!

    Love the bee quilt! Bees are amazing and so necessary!

    Deep in the Heart ofTexas

  3. Love the garden photos! Doesn't this time of year just make your heart sing? It does mine. My garden is awakening too. Even saw a lot of Hostas nosing out of the soil. :)

  4. Hi Jan, I am signed up for the Mystery Block of the Month quilt. I have received Jan and Feb blocks. I have paid by PayPal the invoices that you have sent for Mar, Apr and May. I was curious why it takes so long to receive the BOM's. I still have not received the March block and it is nearly the end of April. I did try to call but the phone rings and rings. Also, I sent a message to you by "Contact" on your website and got no answer back. Thanks for any info on this.

    1. You definitely should have received the March block and the April block by now. As to why it takes so long to get them you probably have to put that on the post office. It shouldn't. Its a lot better now that we send them "delivery confirmation". If the phone rings and rings, it means that Tori is on the phone - Centurytel did away with the busy signal. Do you hear me being frustrated? And since I don't know who you are, I can't check on it for you. Tori will be in Monday from 10:00-2:00 CST. Call and if it rings more than 5 times, hang up and call again in a few minutes. It doesn't ring your first call through if we hang up. I'm really sorry about this but there isn't anything I can do about the post office or the telephone co. If your blocks are lost somewhere we will resend them.

    2. Thanks Jan for the reply. As of Apr 27 I have not received the Mar, Apr and May blocks.

      Rita Smith
      Hiawatha, KS

    3. Rita, Sorry this took so long but as you're read in the next post I'm getting ready for Market. Hadn't checked my blog in awhile. Tori said that she talked with you last week and you had gotten your blocks. Thanks for letting us know when there's a problem. Jan

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    1. I really don't think a comment about fast cars I can buy applies. :)

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