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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Busy, busy, busy ..........

It's May 8th already and I leave for Portland on the 15th - I'm flying - yuck!

Anyway, back at home I've been sewing on bindings and sewing on bindings and sewing on bindings.
I've had a little help from Spike who is always there for me.  Of course, the minute I get up to get a drink of water or use the restroom, he somehow gets part of the quilt off of the chair and under him.
He does love quilts.

And we've started filming our new applique tutorials.  Jake Doan, Jenny Doan's son, who films the Missouri Star tutorials is working with me and he is a gem.

We filmed the first tutorial on basket blocks and some of the aspects thereof.  This is a block from Natalie's Quilt and was our prime example.  He said that the editing should be done soon, so be watching for it on You Tube and the blog.  I'm pretty excited about it.

And then today I figured out how to include the video's when you see the item in our store.  This is Audra's Iris Garden and when you click on the item in the store you can see the  video from Moda's Schoolhouse where I talked about it.  I may actually come into the 21st century here.  I got a new Smartphone too.  I still need to have Jake (Kelly's Jake - not Jenny's Jake) show me how to do Facebook though.  It is still a mystery to me.

And this is Country Quilts for your Soul.  If you click on it you can see all the quilts hung on the wall in France.  All the quilts on the wall are in the book.  The one on the bed is Jubilee and you can get the pattern for it here.  I just looked at the video again and I take that back.  The Bible Quilt is on the wall too and it's not in the book.  You can get it by clicking here.  All the rest of the ones on the wall are in the book.  This video thing is really fun.

Meanwhile, Old Man Winter had to have one last word.  Snow in May in Missouri for the 1st time since 1907.

And we had a pair of tiny bluebirds visit the feeders for a day or two.  I've known we had bluebirds around but have never seen them before.  That color is just awesome.

And speaking of color - back to work.  Have to get the brochures ready for the printer.  But I get to stitch on this year's BOM blocks each night.  And I have one last quilt to bind.

Oh - and my heavens I almost forgot to tell you what I forgot.  In the March block for Sleigh Bells - the Mystery Quilt, I forgot to include the Mini Charms to make the patchwork blocks out of.  And I didn't give you instructions either.  We'll send out both with the May Block.  You'll get 2 Mini Charms of Audra's Iris Garden.  You'll need most of them in the rest of the quilt.

Keep stitching ladies.


  1. I get bluebirds at my feeder. They love mealworms, and you can get them freeze-dried at Walmart.

  2. Thanks. I'll get them some. We were so excited when they showed up.

  3. Sounds like you have been very busy but with a lot of fun projects in the works. I love Spike, that boy has so much personality, lol.


  4. lol! I just watched the video on how the cats made it into the Audra's Iris Quilt! Tooo funny! :-) Have fun at Market! Looking forward to more videos (and quilts)!

  5. Are those bluebirds or indigo buntings? They almost look TOO blue to be a bluebird (but I'm no indigo authority, dontcha know? LOL).

  6. Boy - I can't tell. The bluebird can be that vivid blue but the body shape almost looks like the indigo bunting.
    I just enjoy them no matter what they are. And they're a really pretty blue.

  7. Oh boy! I get to meet you! I will hope and pray that our Sunshine lasts for the week you are here in Portland...we have had good weather...and will all except for Sunday (birthday and moms day) but I am hoping all will be good....and I am excited to attend my first quilt market...with only a 5 mile drive to travels!

  8. Michelle, - Only a 5 mile drive. I envy you. I've always driven before and it takes 3-4 days. And since Pep can't come this time I'm flying. Do you know how I can get from the Airport to my hotel across from the convention center? Are there shuttles, etc. We're going to call the hotel and see what they know but thought I'd ask a native too. Thanks. If you know how you can maybe email me at and I'll hope it will come through :) Just love our email.

  9. Dear Jan--Spike looks truly to be one of the best quilt loving dogs in the whole world. I have so enjoyed watching him grow up on this blog. He seems to be absolutely precious, and I am thinking that he would not love quilts nearly as much if they weren't important to you. Thanks for sharing your wonderful animals with us. I love the critters, almost as much as I love quilts. Thanks again. Blessings to you as you travel--I hope it will be fun and not tiring. God Bless you and thank you for the quilts and the blog.