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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

AHAAA!!!! Email problem figured out at long last! - We Hope!

Before I go to the pictures, lets talk about email.  
Over  the last couple of years we have had lots and lots of people tell us that they had emailed us with no response.  We were completely mystified.  We check the email every day - usually twice a day and always answer any emails.
The other day Tori had to call Yahoo about something.  While talking to them she mentioned our problem.  When the gentleman investigated it seems that we had 9800 emails in our folder - going way back to when Tara was working here.  When it gets that full it just won't accept any more until some are deleted.  Tori had been in the habit of keeping most of the emails so she could refer back to them if needed.

Not any more.

All 9800 were deleted.

You should be able to get us on Yahoo if you have a question.  

Good heavens!  And that's just the first part.

Before I go to the 2nd part, we'll stop at Market.  
Here I am in my booth with Michelle and her friend Carrie.  Michelle was a real lifesaver.  She picked me up at the airport and ran me around Portland, leant me her umbrella and is taller than I am.  (See how tall you need to be to hang the quilt behind us.)
Many, many thanks to her.  I tried to talk her into moving to Pittsburg before the next Spring Market but couldn't do it.  :)

Since everyone had gotten me flying already (and I still really, really don't like it) I flew down to San Francisco to see my Uncle Fred and Aunt Grace who live in Los Gatos, Ca.  My sister Nancy flew out and met us.
And of course, we had to go see the Golden Gate Bridge.  It really is awesome!

The next day we piled into the car and went up to Pacific Grove and Carmel to stay at a Bed and Breakfast and go to the beach.  And plain old generally sightsee.

Uncle Fred and Aunt Grace are in their 80s and pretty well ran Nancy and I ragged.  
Wow!  We shopped, sightsaw (is that a word?) and ate our way across Northern California.  
Well really, Aunt Grace and Nancy shopped.  Uncle Fred waited in the car and did crosswords and I mostly took catnaps after Market.  
We all helped with the eating though.  

After 4 days we got on another plane and came home.

Before I left for Portland I broke down and got a smartphone. My friend Cherie Ralston went with me. Unlike me, Cherie has an excellent left brain so she helped me pick out my phone.  
While waiting in the airport at Denver I started playing with my new phone. 

Guess what I found?

I didn't even know I still had a Gmail account.  Neither did Tori.  And I still am not sure how to get to it other than on my phone.  

So --- people were emailing us on Yahoo and a lot weren't coming through and people were emailing us on Gmail and I had no idea they were.

I'm rather surprised I still have any customers.  Hopefully we have both problems solved.  Until I can figure out how to get to gmail on the computer, I do have my phone.  I tried forwarding one to Tori though and it didn't get through.  Have I mentioned more that lots of times that I am really a very right brain person.  
At least I can design quilts.

Back at home Spike was supposed to be confined to a room or his kennel for 6 weeks.  And no stairs.  Just before I left we found him on the couch when our back was turned.  And a large bump at the top of his leg.  Pep and I were both sure that he had torn everything loose but there wasn't time to take him to the vet in KC again.

As soon as I got home I took him for an x-ray and everything was fine - still pinned, still plated - just a little swollen and sore.
 Here he is on the deck contemplating getting over the baricade to the steps.

He's a bulldog - so what if it hurts a little.    But Mom ..... it's not a step!

We took out the baricade and set up a fence so he could sit on the deck in the sun.  He loves to sit in the sun.

Back to Quilts - yes, I like doing quilts better than computers and stuff.  This is Natalie's Quilt.  Be watching for a new tutorial on Natalie's Quilt - baskets and flowers - coming soon to this very blog.  :)
We're really excited!


  1. Love Natallies Baskets. Can't wait! Thanks,

  2. Hi!
    To get ia gmail account, go to
    At the top of the page is a men
    , you can pick email, and then it will prompt you to sign up for gmail.
    Or at the google page, there will probably be a box to sign up for a google account, including gmail.
    On your phone, you can download a free app for gmail, just search for it and it will come up, then follow the prompts for an account.
    I have one, love it!
    Good lick, take care, Leslie

  3. I had to set up a gmail when I set up the blog. There just isn't a place on the blog site to go get your gmail so I didn't know I had any. The emails come in on my phone so I guess I have the app. Thanks for your help. I really appreciate it.

  4. I use gmail too--but I use Thunderbird to download it to my computer. I do have to go back to gmail in a web browser and delete the things I've downloaded. But the two work together to make life easier for me. Hope this helps.

  5. Imagine my surprise to see our picture on your post today. LOL. I forgot all about it. Looks like your trip to California was MUCH more sunnier than Portland. Glad you had a wonderful time. And I am glad you are home safe. Said umbrella finally died on me last week at my son's baseball game. The winds and rain tore it A PART!!. I mean A PART. lol. I am glad I could help you out while you were here. I am sure I will make it to another quilt market, just not next Spring - the next month will be my baby boys graduation.

    And I know nothing about Smart phones or G-mail. I have a G-mail account....I clue what it is or its password. LOL

    1. Thanks again for a really fun time in Portland. Your umbrella served us well. Sorry to hear about it's demise :)

  6. Now that you have a smart phone, you need to hook up to Instagram! It's wonderful--lots of quilting people on there. I also wanted to mention that I had a bad virus on my computer about 5 years ago and the IT guy suggested gmail. Apparently it scans emails for viruses going in & coming out of the mailbox. It does take a bit of getting used to, but I like it a lot. I have had a yahoo account forever & had it hacked twice. With the yahoo acct, make sure you change your password every month or so.

  7. I almost cried when i heard about Spike. So glad that he is doing okay. Love Natlie's Basket!

  8. Hello: Sorry to say, not sure your email problem has actually been solved, Jan. I've left emails at all available addresses and a voicemail on the answering machine this week, after this post, and still have not received any acknowledgement or answer that anyone has received them. I don't know too much about these type problems, so I'm sorry I can't help figure out what's going on- just wanted to give some feedback on my experience so far to let you know you may still have problems. Thanks.

  9. Jan you can link all your email accts so that they are forwarded to one central acct, maybe your gmail on your phone? You can also set up more than one gmail acct, so that you have, say, a personal account and a business/ blog acct..and yes they can all be linked and read on one place.

    I believe you can also have your email accts set up to empty old emails automatically. It is all easy to do, you just have to sit and work patiently. [and/ or recruit a young teenager to help you,lol.]

    lizzy d

  10. I also think that maybe your email problems haven't been solved. I've sent 2 emails enquiring about an order I placed and haven't gotten a response.