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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

We have a Winner and a New Block -Block 16

First the winner and
then the block.

Drumm Roll...........

The winner of the Ebook of 
Blockheads 1
From Martingale is

Congratulations - 
Martingale should be getting 
in touch with you soon.
It should keep you busy for awhile.

And this is

Block #16
Sherri McConnell

You can go to
her blog to
download the pattern
by clicking here

This really is a straight 8" block 
It looks crooked because of the
way I held the camera.  :(

Now lets go see what the others have
done with Sherri's block.

Have a good week and
Stay Safe.

Friday, April 24, 2020

At long last........

Block 15

Starry Eyed
Corey Yoder

(those 2 little pearls are part of the 
magnet that holds the block in place
so it can get it's picture taken.) 

To get the pattern go to her blog 
by clicking here.

My oh My
What a Day!

Most of you know by now that
pieced blocks are not
my forte - Appliqued blocks are.

I have people that help me with the piecing.
One of those people is a nice
lady by the name of Terri Luther.
Terri lives in a very nice house 
a ways north of here.
Getting in and out on the road 
to her house can sometimes be
quite a challenge.
Unfortunately this week was one 
of the challenging times. Hopefully 
I can put up a picture next week of
the road to her house so you will
understand why this post was so late.

 Meanwhile lets go see what the others have
done with Corey's block.

And don't forget to scroll down and make a 
comment to enter the drawing for
the free Ebook of Blockheads 1 from Martingale.

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Drawing for FREE Blockheads 1 Ebook and Block #15

By Corey Yoder.

Obviously this isn't my block.
To begin with there's no purple :)
Secondly its a rather fuzzy drawing.
But I decided to do the drawing
for the free Ebook today and show
you my block Friday.
That way you come to my blog twice :)
To get tp Corey's blog to download 
the pattern click here

Win a free Ebook 
of Blockheads 1
from Martingale

Today simply make a comment 
on my blog and you'll be
entered in the drawing.

On that note, lets go see what the others have
done with Corey's block.

Good luck and stay safe.  
This book should help you keep busy:)

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Blockheads 3, Block 14

Summer Breeze
by Joanne  Figueroa

You can go to her blog to download
the pattern by clicking here.

Our Quarantine Quotidian
for the week is 
the Spring Tree Dancer Kit.
It can either be a pillow or a wallhanging

Pep is a "wordsmith" and he says that
"quotidian" means "routine" or usual 
so that's the way I'm using it.
Pep worked at  Baptist Hospital in
Kansas City, Mo where he was a supervisor in the 
Security Dept. and then at Research Hospital 
when Baptist closed.  He had to write a lot of
reports.  At one time he got a memo from his boss
saying that he could not use words with more than 
2 syllables in a report.  He then pointed out that
both "hospital" and "security" had more that 2 syllables.

On that note, lets go see what the others have
done with Fig Trees block.

Be sure to come back
on the 22nd for a chance to win an ebook of
Blockheads 1 as well as news of a Jan Patek Quiltalong. 
See you then

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Blockheads 3 - Lucky Block 13

The Baldwin
Jen Kingwell

You can go to her blog
to download the
pattern by clicking here.

A note about shipping our patterns and kits.
We wipe down all the kits with sanitizer before we ship them.
If you're worried about the fabric, I would suggest you spray it
with sanitizer and then use a hot iron to iron it with.
It's all 100% cotton so that should work.

We want to thank all of the quilters who have called to
check on us.  It is greatly appreciated.  We are fine.
There are all sorts of benefits to living 
in the country where the
nearest house is a mile away.

Our Quarantine Quotidian for this week is the
Bunny Hop
Tablestand Kit.

You can go to my store to buy one by clicking here.

And a big thank you to all of you who sent us masks.
I'm sorry to say none of them has made it to California yet,
there was too big a demand right here.
My youngest son's wife is a nurse and works in a hospital
in Kansas City, Mo. so a lot of them went there.

We lined the masks we made for the hospital with
pelon which is a non woven fabric that does a better job
of stopping the virus.  The cotton masks went to police and city Hall
workers, including my granddaughter Zoie, in Cameron.  
That's what we wear too when we go in to pick up our grocery
order and mail.  

Now a word about the Quarantine Quotidian.
My son Max suggested we put things on
sale to give people in quarantine something to do.
Aha, said my husband Pep - 
A "Quarantine Quotidian".
Quotidian means daily.
So Missouri Star has a Daily Deal
and we have a Quarantine Quotidian.

Next week I'll tell you a funny story 
about my husband, the word smith.

Right now, why don't we all go see
what the rest of the ladies have
done with Jen's block.

See you next week 

And could someone tell me why my answers to your comment never show up.  
I hate computers sometimes.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Blockheads 3 - Block #12 - Happy April Fools Day

Hampshire Star
by Janet Clare

You can go to her blog
across the pond to download 
the pattern by clicking here.

The winner of the spring Tablestand kit
is Mae West from Canada who said
they still have snow on the ground and 
hopes to stitch on her kit sitting on her patio.
Hope you can Mae.  Please send your snail mail
address to Tammie at
and she'll ship your kit out as soon as we can
under the circumstances.

By the way, does anyone know how to block
the ads I keep getting as comments.
I know there's a way to preview comments
but I can't remember what it is.

Well, I'm off to the loft to make masks lined
with pelon.
Meanwhile why don't you all go see
what the rest of the ladies have
done with Janet's block.

See you next week