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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Freebie Friday! "Together" by Brannock/Patek for Moda

Early this summer our nice UPS man brought us a big box from Moda. Hmmm! We hadn't ordered anything lately. When we opened it, it was crammed full of strips from Linda and my latest line "Together". Wow! Cheryl, the fabric guru for Moda and our boss, thought they might be good for a blog giveaway.
At first I was going to just pack them in bags and give them away.
But then..... my mind started seeing strips made into log cabins - log cabins and trees. And "Cozy Cabin in the Christmas Woods" came into being.
To celebrate "Together" shipping to your favorite quilt shop this week and next, you can download the pattern for the little quilt by clicking on the "Download Now" under the quilt.

And if you want to make a quilt in similar fabrics you can go to our store and get a Scrap Bag and Petit Four for a penny. (Our store won't let us just give away things, darnit.) You can make the border exactly like this from the Petit Four pack but the fabrics in the scrap bags will vary somewhat. Tori and Wendy did make sure that there were a variety of colors in each bag and red for the sashing. And one per customer, please.

You can use fabrics on hand for the background, tree trunks and door, stars and binding or you can order our Cozy Cabin Fabric Pack for $7.00.

Either way the pattern is free and the Scrap Bag and Petit Four are only a penny.
Linda and I really like "Together" and hope you do too.
Happy quilting

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sunflowers & Scarecrows - I'm ready!

Boy, howdy, am I ready for Fall!
We've had lots of fresh tomatoes - one of summer's great gifts. Bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches with real tomatoes, Burgers bacon and Pep's sourdough bread - I'm in heaven. Pep's summer pizza with his homemade crust, tomatoes, cheese, olive oil and anchovies - to die for. And don't turn your nose up at the anchovies. They just add a touch of rich saltiness to the mix. And then there's just plain ole sliced tomatoes on sandwiches or with dinner. God's gift in summer for putting up with the heat.

And awesome fresh sliced cucumbers, chilled straight from the garden (grown by me) with a dollop of hummus (made by Pep) and a twist of roasted red pepper or sundried tomato.

And still, I'm mostly sated (we're having summer pizza tonight :) - yum) and glad that we're getting some cooler weather already. Thank you, God!

This is Sunflowers and Scarecrows (or is it Scarecrows and Sunflowers?). Either way, it my project in the latest Primitive Quilts and Projects. You can order the kit from me here

or just get the pattern by going to their website and ordering a magazine here.
And there are 14 great projects in the magazine besides mine. Pretty good deal!

"Together" - Linda and my latest fabric line for Moda - is getting ready to ship. Be watching the blog for a free quilt pattern and some fabric - coming soon!.

Time for the dogs and I to go on our walk. Then I get to sit and stitch while Pep makes Summer Pizza. Life is good!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

August in Missouri ........

is hot! And this year is no exception. Here's where Spike & Nero spend most of their time. I must admit I don't mind sitting and sewing or working at the computer much - as long as it's inside. We do go out for our daily walk unless it's over 100 - which it has been a few days. Then Spike doesn't get to come (bulldogs can have swelling that cuts off their oxygen) - and Nero and I only walk halfway.

Our latest Quilt of the Quarter kit is shipping this week - Gabriel's Ark. I made one for Gabriel for his birthday and we're making one for me to keep. Can you tell I like it? It's going UPS so things should ship on time. We've found out that a lot of our problem is because we're a rural post office and things are cutting back out here. We think we finally have the smaller item shipping problems taken care of. We're crossing our fingers that everything goes smoothly again this month.

Meanwhile, we've added a new item to our Notions page in the store. When I was teaching in France this spring I found out that they don't have Freezer Paper over there - at least not in France. I've been using the Jenkins Freezer Paper sheets for quite awhile as well as the paper on the roll you can get at the hardware store or Walmart (in season). Natalie, my interpreter - who lived in the US for awhile - assured me that they just don't have what we quilters know and love so much. So I decided to carry it.

It's even pretty handy here in the US if you have a scanner. Just scan your pattern page in and print it out on the paper. And if you're overseas and order kits, etc. from us, just have us send a package of the paper with your order. It's been years since I appliqued without using freezer paper and wanted to make sure it was available if possible.
It's cooled down a little today so I'm off to water the garden and go for our walk. Spike gets to come today. He does get cranky when I leave him behind.