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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Freebie Friday! "Together" by Brannock/Patek for Moda

Early this summer our nice UPS man brought us a big box from Moda. Hmmm! We hadn't ordered anything lately. When we opened it, it was crammed full of strips from Linda and my latest line "Together". Wow! Cheryl, the fabric guru for Moda and our boss, thought they might be good for a blog giveaway.
At first I was going to just pack them in bags and give them away.
But then..... my mind started seeing strips made into log cabins - log cabins and trees. And "Cozy Cabin in the Christmas Woods" came into being.
To celebrate "Together" shipping to your favorite quilt shop this week and next, you can download the pattern for the little quilt by clicking on the "Download Now" under the quilt.

And if you want to make a quilt in similar fabrics you can go to our store and get a Scrap Bag and Petit Four for a penny. (Our store won't let us just give away things, darnit.) You can make the border exactly like this from the Petit Four pack but the fabrics in the scrap bags will vary somewhat. Tori and Wendy did make sure that there were a variety of colors in each bag and red for the sashing. And one per customer, please.

You can use fabrics on hand for the background, tree trunks and door, stars and binding or you can order our Cozy Cabin Fabric Pack for $7.00.

Either way the pattern is free and the Scrap Bag and Petit Four are only a penny.
Linda and I really like "Together" and hope you do too.
Happy quilting


  1. Thanks Jan! I just downloaded the pattern and bought the kit.

  2. Good. I always worry about whether the download will work. Thanks.

  3. Fun pattern and great for gift giving, could even put a stitched name on the house block. Maybe a house number above the door.

    Thanks for sharing,

  4. Thank you! I also just downloaded the pattern and ordered the kit. I can't wait to make it!

  5. Thanks so much! I love the pattern and fabric both.
    Mary from Marshall

  6. Oops I ordered two of those packs on 19th August and have read your post again and see it says only one per customer.... Sorry! Can you confirm you got the order as I haven't heard anything from you but I have paid through Paypal. Thanks Linda

  7. Linda, email me at and give me your full name. We may have more than one Linda. We got lots of orders and are processing them - not sure the system sends out confirmation emails - we're not one of the big websites.

  8. Be seeing you, missed last market - so it seems like a long time
    I love Spike

  9. Jan can you confirm when my order will be shipped? I was so dissapointed not to have received it today since I ordered and paid for it 8 days ago. It was my birthday gift and no gift for me today because I have not received the package though I have emailed you 2 times( one with the paypal receipt) I receive no reply from you .

  10. Hey Jan, I ordered 3 of the scrap bags so I could share with my quilty friends and save on shipping. If that is not allowed, I understand and will be selfish and keep just the one for myself. I also read your blog after I ordered the fabrics. I must say your puppy is so cute.

  11. Has anyone received their merchandise yet? I placed my order for a scrap bag and a Cozy Cabin fabric pack on 8-19-11. On 8-22-11, I received an email with an attached invoice that totaled $12.01, which was $2 less than the $14.01 I was actually charged when I placed and PAID for my order. The email stated: "Please send your payment at the earliest convenience."

    I sent an email inquiry, but I did not receive a response. When are these fabric kits expected to ship? I would say that I am a bit more than perturbed at this point!

  12. On Jan's August 4th post she mentioned that they had problems with their local post office. Perhaps there is still a problem.

    I can't wait to receive my scraps and get started!

  13. I'm glad to see that I am not the only one having troubles - the last time that you could order a charm pack for .01 plus shipping, I ordered and paid through PayPal but never received it. This has been months ago. I have e-mailed numerous times, but don't get a reply. I think some things are going to cyberspace and never coming back!