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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

And It's Wednesday Again....................

First things first - - 
We need to announce the winner of the drawing for the
Basket Mini Quilt Kit w/hanger.

The Random Number Generator picked Diane who said
"Sewing comes easier these days as a way to enjoy the day.  
Another Snow Day - Hooray!"
Diane, if you will email Tammy at 
and give her your snail mail address, she'll send you your kit.

Also, Tammy asked me to tell all of you that if you won a kit 
and haven't gotten it, please email her.  She misplaced her list on her desk.  :(

And as promised we have another little 
Blockhead Mini Quilt Kit w/hanger -
The Beeskep.
I just love the little hanger - as well as the block, of course.

For a chance at winning a kit, make a comment, any old comment 
and we will have the Random Number Generator pick
a winner to be announced next Wednesday.

Or to buy either kit, click on the store icon on the top of
the right hand column and do a search when you get there.
Or click here to get to the store.

We still have one more 6" Blockhead Block (the Flags Block)
to make a Mini Quilt out of and I'm going to 
have to skip a week to show it to you. 
First I need to make it and quilt it and right now
I'm busy quilting the Spring Tablestand Quilt - Bunny Hop.

It's called Bunny Hop because the Easter Bunny hopped
on his favorite rooster to help him deliver the Easter Eggs.
(Or since it will soon be after Easter to take a ride 
to see the Spring Flowers.)

 For information on our clubs and to join the Tablestand Club 
(or any of our other clubs)  click here and go to Jan's Clubs.

So - back to quilting and see you next Wednesday
Be sure to make a comment for a chance to win a Beeskep kit.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Huzzah! Huzzah! And it's still Wednesday

Moda Blockheads
Basket Mini Quilt 
w/ hanger.

If you're just joining and need to download the pattern
please click here.

For a chance to win a free kit including the hanger
make a comment, any old comment,
and the Random Number Generator will pick a winner to 
be announced next Wednesday.

If you want to buy one now, click on the store icon on the 
top of the right column.

We'll also have the Beeskep Mini Quilt and hanger next week.
They all finally came in.

Good luck ladies and
see you next week.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentines Day All ----- Blockheads -Good News and Bad News

First the Good News.
Lissa at Moda has said we can notify you that there will
definitely be a 2018 Moda Blockheads!!!!!

The exact details are being worked out, (yardage, block sizes, etc) but it is 
definitely a go and I am so excited.
So stay tuned on Wednesdays for further developments
and get your 2017 quilts finished if you haven't already.

Now, for the bad news (:

I have the Blockheads Basket Mini ready
but the hangers didn't get here in time.

Hopefully they'll be here by next week and we can have a drawing
for the little quilt and the hanger.

Meantime this is Summertime - one of my favorite
little wallhangings.
Aren't we all pretty well ready for Summer?

I know it's only Valentine's Day but I am definitely ready.
To help us along, we put the kit on sale for 15% off for a week.

Right now what I'm doing is putting Digital copies of all of the Lilac Ridge, 
Sycamore and Coral Bells quilts in the store, slowly but surely.

Well, back to work.
See you next Wednesday - hopefully with a 
Blockhead Mini Quilt and hanger to give away.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Moda Blockheads- Backing up a bit -Block #10

Basket & Flower
by Me
If you've recently joined you can download
the pattern by clicking here.

This was my second block.  Originally I didn't show people
the steps I take to appliqué each block - mainly because I thought 
they already knew.
But as the Blockheads progressed I realized a whole 
lot of people didn't -  so I started doing blog tutorials.
I also have You Tube tutorials and you can
see my YouTube tutorial on baskets, handles 
and flowers by clicking here.

I did blog tutorials for each block except the first 3.  To do a tutorial I had to 
make another block and if I was going to make another block I might as
well turn it into a Mini Quilt.   So that's what I did.

And today, since we finally got our new store in some kind of working order we're having a celebration sale.  Use the code Eureka15 to get15% off storewide.
You can go to the store by clicking on the picture in the top left column.  (We still have
a few bugs to work out so please bear with us.)

 Anyway, I decided to back up and do the first 3 Moda Blockhead blocks again 
so I will have the complete set of Blockhead Mini Quilts.
I didn't have time to get one done for today but the
next 3 Wednesdays I'll do a Mini Quilt with hanger for the
Basket block, the Beeskep Block and the Flags Block.
And then each week you'll have a chance to 
win a free kit for the Mini Quilt.

Meantime I can tell you about this awesome article Dana Jones wrote about me
for The Quilting Company.  It was great of her.  Thank you so much Dana.

This is Pleasant Gove Primer, a teaching quilt I designed 
using my Sycamore Fabric line.  
Last summer I drove to Golden, Colorado and filmed a set of tutorials
teaching Needleturn Applique and the class was released on February 2nd.
Dana wrote the article for their website.  You can read it by clicking here.  
You can also sign up for the class either there or by clicking on the top box
on the left column.

Well, I'd better stop blogging and get to work sewing :)

Have a good week ladies.