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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentines Day All ----- Blockheads -Good News and Bad News

First the Good News.
Lissa at Moda has said we can notify you that there will
definitely be a 2018 Moda Blockheads!!!!!

The exact details are being worked out, (yardage, block sizes, etc) but it is 
definitely a go and I am so excited.
So stay tuned on Wednesdays for further developments
and get your 2017 quilts finished if you haven't already.

Now, for the bad news (:

I have the Blockheads Basket Mini ready
but the hangers didn't get here in time.

Hopefully they'll be here by next week and we can have a drawing
for the little quilt and the hanger.

Meantime this is Summertime - one of my favorite
little wallhangings.
Aren't we all pretty well ready for Summer?

I know it's only Valentine's Day but I am definitely ready.
To help us along, we put the kit on sale for 15% off for a week.

Right now what I'm doing is putting Digital copies of all of the Lilac Ridge, 
Sycamore and Coral Bells quilts in the store, slowly but surely.

Well, back to work.
See you next Wednesday - hopefully with a 
Blockhead Mini Quilt and hanger to give away.


  1. So happy that there'll be a Blockheads 2!

  2. I fell in love with all your purple creations. Love love love. Never thought I would but seeing them in real - awesome. This one, Sampler Spree, is a beauty, too!!!!

  3. Love how your style is so distinct, I can pick out a Jan Patek quilt quickly. Love all your designs. I appreciate your tutorials and explanations. Now I finally know how to use that freezer paper I bought.

  4. great news Jan, blockheads 2. So much fun. Denise French

  5. This is my favorite block of them all Jan