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Monday, May 31, 2021

Happy Memorial Day and more info on Sampler Spree Fabric Packs

We went to Chillicothe yesterday to
take care of the graves of Byron, Eunice,  
and Keith (Pep's side of the family) and took care of 
Daddy's monument when we got
back home.

Today we'll go to Mom's grave and Nancy's 
son Mathew after we take care of the 

There was a treat when we went to the chicken yard.
Our pretty gold hen had hatched out 2 babies.
They're 1 day old here 
but before we know it they will be as big as 
their cousins the Orpingtons.

Everything is growing so quickly- radishes, 
beans and all sorts of veggies.

Inside we're getting ready to start the Sampler Spree QAL.
If you can't find the book at your favorite quilt shop
simply go to and type Sampler Spree
 in the  search bar.  
Both the Ebook and the print book should come up.

We're going to be selling fabric packs of the fabrics I'll be

using for my quilt but the supplies are very limited.  A 4 week 

bundle will be $40.00 and will be packaged in a Jan Patek Quilts

Homespun sack.  You can put in the order for yours today from Tammy 

at  I've devided the QAL up somewhat

differently so there will be 17 weeks in all 

or 4 bundles of 4 weeks and 

1 bundle of 5 weeks..  Each week there will have 

fabric for 6 of Susan's pieced block and 1 of my appliqué blocks.

Have a good day ladies.  Say a little prayer for Tammy and me.

She needs prayers to get over her cold and I need prayers not to get it.  :)

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Happy Memorial Day! and Sampler Spree Fabric Packs

Happy Memorial Day.  

My sister Nancy and I had a busy one.
Pep's parents are buried at Resthaven Memorial Gardens
in Chillicothe, Mo.  Pep's brother Keith has been taking care 
of things in Chillicothe but he passed this year and
his son, Jewell Patek lives down near Springfield, Mo.
Since Springfield is 4 hours away and we're only about 1
hour away, we took over this year.

This is the Urn that some of the graves have.
 I'll see if we can get one for next year.
I think it looks better than just laying the silks on
the ground. We tried to secure the flowers but 
I like the urn better and it seems a lot
more secure.

I knew my father-in-law had earned a bronze star
for sweeping mines in the Sea of Japan during a
typhoon because it sits in a case on my dresser.
I think it's to late to get that on his tombstone but 
I wish I had.  He was a good, good man.

My father (Major Glover Wilson Laird)
died when I was 8.  He was
buried in his parents plot in Harper, Ks.
Since Harper is 4 hours away we made a
"touchstone" in our garden  years ago
and remember him on Memorial Day.
He also was a good man.
They both were always very supportive.

This seems like a good month to make 
Oceans Aweigh our vintage book.
It not only has lots of quilts about the sea
but it also has a quilt I made about
Pep and my song "Storms Never Last"
by Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter.

Lots of memories this month.

And we're in the process of making new ones.
This is the book and some of the fabric I'll use
in the QAL (Quilt Along) we're doing with Moda
and Martingale.  
And we're giving away 2 books.  An Ebook for
our Jan Patek Galore ladies and a print book for
our ladies on this side of the pond.


I'm sorry but my computer seems to have it's own mind to day.

                                            It has taken me 2 hours to get this much on the page.

But - we are finally moving along a little.  Be sure to go to 

and get your book, either a print book or an Ebook and 

do a search for Sampler Spree so you can sew along

or Quilt Along (QAL) with us.  If the computer will let you, please leave

a comment and we'll try to do a drawing for a free book.  

Also we'll be selling the Scrap Packs for about $22.50 and 

hopefully you can order one in the store tomorrow.

Have a good evening.   I'm going to get

off of the computer and stitch a little.  Whew!!!!


Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Sampler Spree starts soon

We're getting ready for a fun Quilt Along  

called Sampler Spree by Susan Ache

To follow along you'll need a book - and it 

can be either a hard copy or an Ebook.

You can order your hard copy or Ebook 

by clicking here.  I you belong to Jan Patek Galore 

and live on the other side of the pond, you can 

order an Ebook and there's no shipping.  Or if you live 

in the US and order an Ebook there's

no shipping.

The "make these blocks" posts begin Wednesday, June 16.  

Do you have to make/post every block each week?  No.  Can you mix up your colors - or create your own color schedule?  Yes.  Two-color quilt?  Yes.   - That from Susan & Carrie.

And here's where I  (Jan) start changing things around.
 To begin with I've wanted a purple and white (read cream) 
quilt for quite awhile.  And here's my chance.
Secondly, a lot of us work full time (or work and live on a farm) 
and wouldn't be able to sew that many blocks in a week.  
And of course, I need to add at least one 6" appliqué
block each week.

If you're getting the lavender & purple Sampler Spree Scrap packs - and we do only have a limited number, we'll try to mail them at the end of the previous month so that  you can cut out the blocks for the week on Sunday and the sew one each evening or sew them all during the week when you have time.  There will be 6 of Susan's pieced blocks each week and 1 on my appliqué blocks.

I'll stop here for now because I always blog the day before and have it post early for our ladies across the pond and I want to wait and have Tammy double check things before I finalize it.  If there are corrections I will have them posted by Wednesday evening.  
I'll also have the cost of the fabric packs.  If I've figured it right there will be 11 weeks in all.

Be sure and order your books as soon as possible, either a printed book or an E-book.
To order the book go to  and type Sampler Spree in the Search Window.
I will be giving away a free book this week.  
To enter, make a comment, any old comment and I'll have the random number generator pick a winner and announce it next Wednesday.

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Gardens N Quilts -

On the deck - 
Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme
all doing well.
In fact we've added some lemon grass
& a tomato plant.

Out in the garden proper
a little light rain has popped
up rows of veggies.

Aunt Odell's Oriental poppies
are blooming and the salmon poppies are
getting ready to burst.

And since it FINALLY got a little
warmer, Grandma Laird's Iris
have started to bloom.
The sign above the fish barrel
says "Swim at your own risk-
"no lifeguard on duty".

And. since the iris are blooming
this seemed to be a good time to
put Audra's Iris Garden on sale.
You can go to the website to get 
your copy block clicking here

Next week I need to get my 
cataract fixed.
And I'm also going to be working
on my Samper Spree quilt
by Susan Ache.

Tammy is back from the funeral of Jesse's wife's
mother and I should be able to see out of
both eyes until Friday so next 
Blockheads Wednesday we'll blog about
how we're going to do it.

I never could do things exactly
like everybody else  :{
See you then.


Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Busy, busy, busy


Happy Blockheads Wednesday
(I'll always call Wednesday "Blockheads Wednesday)

This, however, is the maple tree out front.
Those little things in clusters on the branches are what
we call "Helicopter babies" because they're shaped 
like the rotor blades on helicopters.

Here they are on the front porch.

They are also all over the sidewalks and back decks.

I usually sweep in front of the doors to keep 

the dogs and people from tracking them in. 

That usually starts off my day. and sometimes the

middle and end of my day.

Here are some of my latest babies - 

25 Straight Run chickens (that means both

sexes) and 3 turkeys.

The turkeys are pets.  One for Zoie, one for
me and one for Max.
Pep keeps trying to name them Thanksgiving
and Christmas but no dice.  I'm sure Zoie will
name hers Turkey Surkey II.  She loved Turkey Surkey
and it would come running when it saw her.

The card she made it one Thanksgiving 

still hangs on the playroom door. 

I'm working away on my Sampler blocks 

and really enjoying it.  I'm using Susan's

general layout but taking much longer to do 

the quilt.  I'm adapting it for people who work

(or live on a farm) and don't have time to

sew 10 to 12 blocks a day.

I'm also including some 6" appliqué blocks

for me and my appliqué ladies.

Carrie Nelson of Moda is working with me so 
you can download the appliqué blocks and we're 
sharing them with the Facebook group too.

So .............
I'd better stop chatting and get to work.

And the last of the staples is out of my head, 
I never was in pain and hopefully I'm through 
driving to doctor's appointments for awhile.  :)