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Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Busy, busy, busy


Happy Blockheads Wednesday
(I'll always call Wednesday "Blockheads Wednesday)

This, however, is the maple tree out front.
Those little things in clusters on the branches are what
we call "Helicopter babies" because they're shaped 
like the rotor blades on helicopters.

Here they are on the front porch.

They are also all over the sidewalks and back decks.

I usually sweep in front of the doors to keep 

the dogs and people from tracking them in. 

That usually starts off my day. and sometimes the

middle and end of my day.

Here are some of my latest babies - 

25 Straight Run chickens (that means both

sexes) and 3 turkeys.

The turkeys are pets.  One for Zoie, one for
me and one for Max.
Pep keeps trying to name them Thanksgiving
and Christmas but no dice.  I'm sure Zoie will
name hers Turkey Surkey II.  She loved Turkey Surkey
and it would come running when it saw her.

The card she made it one Thanksgiving 

still hangs on the playroom door. 

I'm working away on my Sampler blocks 

and really enjoying it.  I'm using Susan's

general layout but taking much longer to do 

the quilt.  I'm adapting it for people who work

(or live on a farm) and don't have time to

sew 10 to 12 blocks a day.

I'm also including some 6" appliqué blocks

for me and my appliqué ladies.

Carrie Nelson of Moda is working with me so 
you can download the appliqué blocks and we're 
sharing them with the Facebook group too.

So .............
I'd better stop chatting and get to work.

And the last of the staples is out of my head, 
I never was in pain and hopefully I'm through 
driving to doctor's appointments for awhile.  :)

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