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Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Sampler Spree starts soon

We're getting ready for a fun Quilt Along  

called Sampler Spree by Susan Ache

To follow along you'll need a book - and it 

can be either a hard copy or an Ebook.

You can order your hard copy or Ebook 

by clicking here.  I you belong to Jan Patek Galore 

and live on the other side of the pond, you can 

order an Ebook and there's no shipping.  Or if you live 

in the US and order an Ebook there's

no shipping.

The "make these blocks" posts begin Wednesday, June 16.  

Do you have to make/post every block each week?  No.  Can you mix up your colors - or create your own color schedule?  Yes.  Two-color quilt?  Yes.   - That from Susan & Carrie.

And here's where I  (Jan) start changing things around.
 To begin with I've wanted a purple and white (read cream) 
quilt for quite awhile.  And here's my chance.
Secondly, a lot of us work full time (or work and live on a farm) 
and wouldn't be able to sew that many blocks in a week.  
And of course, I need to add at least one 6" appliqué
block each week.

If you're getting the lavender & purple Sampler Spree Scrap packs - and we do only have a limited number, we'll try to mail them at the end of the previous month so that  you can cut out the blocks for the week on Sunday and the sew one each evening or sew them all during the week when you have time.  There will be 6 of Susan's pieced blocks each week and 1 on my appliqué blocks.

I'll stop here for now because I always blog the day before and have it post early for our ladies across the pond and I want to wait and have Tammy double check things before I finalize it.  If there are corrections I will have them posted by Wednesday evening.  
I'll also have the cost of the fabric packs.  If I've figured it right there will be 11 weeks in all.

Be sure and order your books as soon as possible, either a printed book or an E-book.
To order the book go to  and type Sampler Spree in the Search Window.
I will be giving away a free book this week.  
To enter, make a comment, any old comment and I'll have the random number generator pick a winner and announce it next Wednesday.


  1. Looking forward to seeing your purple and cream blocks.

  2. I'm still debating doing this one but I'd love the book either way!