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Friday, January 31, 2014

Quarterback Sale - and we have a winner!

I am a Football Fan. 
My mother was an avid sports fan and I grew up watching college football on Saturday and Pro football on Sunday afternoons.   It was a pleasant family time.
And since I grew up in Kansas City, Missouri (most of Kansas City is in Missouri - not Kansas) and now live an hour north of Kansas City - I am a Kansas City Chiefs fan. 

 So my favorite quarterback is Alex Smith. :)

Lots of Chiefs played in the ProBowl last weekend but either Seattle and Denver will take the honors Sunday.

And I will be watching and stitching.  I always stitch my way through football games.   Jake is for the Seahawks and 2 of my sisters were born in Denver so I will be content either way.  And I'll probably have a quilt block appliqu├ęd when it's over :).

This is Serenditpity - one of the quilt kits we've included in our QuarterBack Sale - you get 25% off - or a quarter back all weekend starting Friday and ending Sunday night.
You won't get your kit in time to stitch during the game but we seem to be having quite a winter - always a good time to stitch.

It's also time to announce the winner of our Front Porch Dessert Roll or Jelly Roll.
Julie Mortenson of Fergus Falls, Minn gets to pick which one she'd like.  
Congratulations Julie.  If you'll email Tori at and tell her which one you'd like, she'll get it out to you.  Hope you enjoy.

And we'll have a contest in February around our 2nd BOM we kit each year so someone will have a chance at the other.
Keep stitching ladies.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Computers Vs Quilts

Here's the jpg from the email we sent yesterday.

What we forgot to do was give you the Promo Code.  
Well, we gave it to you but forgot to tell you. The Promo Code is Woo-hoo.
But since you didn't have it, you couldn't use it.  And Tori was at a funeral all day so you couldn't get in touch with her to tell her.

Soooooo… we've extended the Free Shipping through the weekend.  Just type in Woo-hoo for the promo code.  It's good until Sunday night.

Of course, we'll refund the shipping for those people who went ahead and ordered.
And when I can get in touch with people over the weekend, we'll send out another email today I hope.

This is a jpg of Sleigh Bells, the 2013 Mystery Quilt.  It's 80" x 96".

All of which I believe,  goes to show you again that I am much better at quilts than at computers.

Pep said to say "And I'm not just saying this to needle you.  Sew there!"

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New Year, New Fabric, New Quilts

This is "Long May She Wave", a wallhanging made out of my new fabric line Front Porch that shipped to your local shop this month - in fact, this week.

"Long May She Wave" will be the Wallhanging Club kit in April.  As you know, Wallhanging Club members receive 4 wallhangings a year and get 15% off the kit price.  And of course, if for some reason they don't want one they can always send it back.

And this is the first block of Fall Festival, the Mystery Quilt Club BOM for 2014.
The Mystery Quilt is designed exclusively for Club Members and won't be published as a pattern for awhile.    Sometimes Jan just never gets around to publishing it because it means making the same quilt twice - not one of her favorite things to do.

And this is the Front Porch Mini Charm.

Everyone new that signs up for any of the clubs will get a Front Porch Mini.

And if you mention the Blog (or Facebook or our  email)  you'll be entered in a drawing for a Front Porch Dessert Roll or Jelly Roll. 

We haven't forgotten our faithful members already signed up.  We'll be sending you a Fat 1/8 with your next block or kit.

So email Tori at or call 816-632-7632 and get 15% off of all club kits + a chance at a Dessert or Jelly Roll.

Don't forget - if you call between 10:00 & 2:00 CST and the phone just rings and rings it means Tori is on the phone.  Us quilty ladies can sometimes talk for a while.  :)

We'll have the drawing on January 31st.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Tutorial on Outside Curves and Windows with Shutters

The is From My Heart, a little quilt made out of my Crossroads Fabric line.

It's also the quilt I used in my latest tutorial on Outside Curves and Windows with Shutters.
Both the quilt kit and the pattern are on sale for a week because of Valentines Day.
Hope you enjoy the tutorial - and the quilt.  
To watch the tutorial click here.
To order a kit or pattern, click here.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Et Al

I believe that means "and everything" or "and everyone" - 
or something like that :).

This is Dobby - Jake's new puppy.  (We lost our Stumpy in November.  Dobby doesn't replace him but he helps fill the void.)

His name is Dobby because he really likes socks - and he doesn't care if your feet are still in them, in fact he kind of likes it better.

He and Hunny play a lot, rolling around on the floor and chewing on things.  He's about the size of her head but he usually holds his own and once in awhile he even gets a sock away from her.

Spike just usually sleeps through it all  :).  Bulldogs are not high energy dogs.  Labradors and Corgis are!

So that's what occupies a lot of our time on the home front.  

That and trying to get things done on the choring front.  
Coming back to the house after feeding the chickens and wild birds or hanging up clothes can be quite a challenge.
Most of the packed snow turned to packed ice when we had a couple of warm days.  
Now it's back in the teens and twenties again.
We figure the driveway and front lawn might be clear again by the 4th of July :).

On the quilting front - 
We're having a "hearts" sale - 

need to get ready for Valentines Day, you know.

All Hearts kits and patterns are 15% off for a week.

And I emailed Sophie at Quiltmania and she sent some more of those great Simply Vintage magazines. We just have a few so get yours now!

Lots of great things to keep us busy inside where it's warm.
Keep quilting ladies.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A New Year - with new things!

Heavens!  That wasn't supposed to publish - just "save".  
I'm so very good with computers that I must have hit the wrong button  :).

Anyway, with all the snow we've been having, I decided to make a Snow Guy Pillow for my chair.
And then I decided to take him up to my new booth at the Iron Horse - a Primitives shop in Cameron.
He's not for sale but some kits are there as well as on the website.

So now when you're in the Cameron area and want to see my quilts and patterns, you can visit Crossroads Quilt Shop and the Iron Horse too. And of course, there's also Missouri Star right down the road in Hamilton.   
My daughter Kelly lives across the street  from the Iron Horse and had seen a booth with some of my older books in it which had sold.  So we decided to put a few things in a booth - when we get down to one or two - not enough to do a mailing on.  
And then I started to make little things out of the Tutorial blocks and The Snow Guy Pillow was born.
I like him.

I also decided to carry just a few copies of Simply Vintage as well as Primitive Projects.
I've heard people saying they were hard to find and both are really great magazines for Folk Art and Primitive enthusiasts.
I've already sold out of both so I guess I will order more from now on.  :)

Well, it's Girl Gang here tonight, I'm making a pineapple upside down cake, working on next year's Mystery Quilt, "Fall Festival", as well as my Front Porch project for the blog Hop in February,  dealing with snow and keeping chickens and barn cats warm.

Keeps me pretty busy.

Keep quilting ladies, it keeps us sane.  Mostly :)

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy 2014!

Happy New Year!

Hope 2014 is full of good friends, good food and family.

And, of course, good quilting!