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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New Year, New Fabric, New Quilts

This is "Long May She Wave", a wallhanging made out of my new fabric line Front Porch that shipped to your local shop this month - in fact, this week.

"Long May She Wave" will be the Wallhanging Club kit in April.  As you know, Wallhanging Club members receive 4 wallhangings a year and get 15% off the kit price.  And of course, if for some reason they don't want one they can always send it back.

And this is the first block of Fall Festival, the Mystery Quilt Club BOM for 2014.
The Mystery Quilt is designed exclusively for Club Members and won't be published as a pattern for awhile.    Sometimes Jan just never gets around to publishing it because it means making the same quilt twice - not one of her favorite things to do.

And this is the Front Porch Mini Charm.

Everyone new that signs up for any of the clubs will get a Front Porch Mini.

And if you mention the Blog (or Facebook or our  email)  you'll be entered in a drawing for a Front Porch Dessert Roll or Jelly Roll. 

We haven't forgotten our faithful members already signed up.  We'll be sending you a Fat 1/8 with your next block or kit.

So email Tori at or call 816-632-7632 and get 15% off of all club kits + a chance at a Dessert or Jelly Roll.

Don't forget - if you call between 10:00 & 2:00 CST and the phone just rings and rings it means Tori is on the phone.  Us quilty ladies can sometimes talk for a while.  :)

We'll have the drawing on January 31st.


  1. I always look forward to your blog. Love your new line. Would love to win a dessert or jelly roll.

  2. Your fabrics have been my favorites for years and years.

  3. Your fabrics are so Beautifull!! Have seen you on youtube and love your applique,..

  4. Love your fabrics would love to win Front Porch dessert of jelly roll

  5. The Front Porch fabric is beautiful! Both of these autoships are very tempting... thinking on it! The 2013 Mystery quilt is gorgeous too!

  6. Must be wonderful to use the new fabrics, so would love to win some of them.

  7. The mailman has come and gone; still no package. Email said it was shipped the end of last week. I should have know as I have been told before that a package was shipped, only to find that it wasn't. Order #931461, placed and paid in full in September, $72. I'm so tired of this.

    1. When were you told a package was shipped when it wasn't. I want to check on that. Call tomorrow and leave your phone # on the answering machine so I can find out what's happening. Thanks. Jan

    2. I talked with Tori this morning. It was shipped the end of last week. She said that she had sent you the tracking # and it was due to be delivered this morning. Do hope you got it. Here's the tracking # in case you didn't. 1Z0E9E290197250420. We apologize again for the original mixup.

  8. II have left my number many times. About the shipping: This time I was told in an email on Jan. 20 that my pattern was sent "at the end of last week." That would have been Jan. 16th or 17th. Since the pattern didn’t come in the mail by Thursday, Jan. 23rd I called, left a phone message and followed up with a posting on this blog. After doing so, I received an email from Tori telling me that my package was being shipped THAT afternoon via UPS 2Day mail service. (What happened to the one she said was shipped at the end of last week?) In November, I was told that the first half of this order (placed and paid for in full in September) was mailed on the 8th of November. When that package didn’t come I made phone calls, sent some emails, posted on this blog and finally received my package November 22. It was postmarked November 20th. (Again, what happened to the one she said was mailed on November 8?) I guess here is where I should mention the condition of the pattern I did finally receive today. It is soiled, torn, and one pattern in the set is copied on plain copy paper while the others are on tan and beige card stock, which is really bizarre, since I was told that the reason my order was taking so long in the first place was because it was at the printer!! As a side note, I do appreciate the 3 free patterns included for, as Tori put it, "for my trouble” but I would have much preferred an honest, timely transaction.

  9. Brenda, The pattern was at the printers - and it was supposed to be copied onto tan card stock like all of the others. And I do need to tell you that along with the problems that we're responsible for (Tori forgot that she had taken you order to the local printer) we also need to keep better track of what we have and have not shipped. That aside - our post office has greatly deteriorated over the past 2 years. I have no idea what happened to the package that was shipped on the 8th or the end of last week or why your order arrived in such bad condition. It didn't start out that way. I do know that tracking has shown that it can take 12 days for a package to get from here to Kansas City which is an hour away. Between our errors and the post office you have really gotten a bad deal. Again we apologize and will endeavor to make sure our errors are corrected.


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