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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A New Year - with new things!

Heavens!  That wasn't supposed to publish - just "save".  
I'm so very good with computers that I must have hit the wrong button  :).

Anyway, with all the snow we've been having, I decided to make a Snow Guy Pillow for my chair.
And then I decided to take him up to my new booth at the Iron Horse - a Primitives shop in Cameron.
He's not for sale but some kits are there as well as on the website.

So now when you're in the Cameron area and want to see my quilts and patterns, you can visit Crossroads Quilt Shop and the Iron Horse too. And of course, there's also Missouri Star right down the road in Hamilton.   
My daughter Kelly lives across the street  from the Iron Horse and had seen a booth with some of my older books in it which had sold.  So we decided to put a few things in a booth - when we get down to one or two - not enough to do a mailing on.  
And then I started to make little things out of the Tutorial blocks and The Snow Guy Pillow was born.
I like him.

I also decided to carry just a few copies of Simply Vintage as well as Primitive Projects.
I've heard people saying they were hard to find and both are really great magazines for Folk Art and Primitive enthusiasts.
I've already sold out of both so I guess I will order more from now on.  :)

Well, it's Girl Gang here tonight, I'm making a pineapple upside down cake, working on next year's Mystery Quilt, "Fall Festival", as well as my Front Porch project for the blog Hop in February,  dealing with snow and keeping chickens and barn cats warm.

Keeps me pretty busy.

Keep quilting ladies, it keeps us sane.  Mostly :)


  1. Jan, can I buy the pattern only for the Snowfriend Wallhanging. I looked on your shop site but saw it only as a kit. thanks so much :)

  2. Love what I have seen of the new magazine, will have to see if our stores carry it. I look forward to seeing what new things you create this year.


  3. Hi, Jan. I'm needing help again with my order #931461, ordered September 23, 2013, I received a partial order in late November, but I am still waiting on the Bible BOM patterns ($72 paid in full). A note from Torrie included in my partial order explained that the patterns are awaiting folders which are at the printers. Again, I placed my order in September. Really wanted to make this for a Christmas gift, but now just want what I have paid for. Have not gotten a response to my inquiring email sent days ago.

    1. We have been in and out all week with snow, bitter cold and sick kids. I will check with Tori tomorrow and have her get back to you. We should have had everything back in awhile ago.

  4. Jan I received a gift certificate from your store and I do not know where I enter the gift certificate number when I'm checking out.

    1. I'm sorry Rita - I thought I'd checked the comments. You need to call Tori. I didn't realize we couldn't redeem them online. And remember that if the phone rings and rings, it means she's on the phone. Centurytel has no busy signs; :(

  5. Jan,
    Do you still have any "Five Hearts" patterns or a kit left from awhile ago? I have been trying to find one on the internet to no avail.
    Thank you!


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