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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Computers Vs Quilts

Here's the jpg from the email we sent yesterday.

What we forgot to do was give you the Promo Code.  
Well, we gave it to you but forgot to tell you. The Promo Code is Woo-hoo.
But since you didn't have it, you couldn't use it.  And Tori was at a funeral all day so you couldn't get in touch with her to tell her.

Soooooo… we've extended the Free Shipping through the weekend.  Just type in Woo-hoo for the promo code.  It's good until Sunday night.

Of course, we'll refund the shipping for those people who went ahead and ordered.
And when I can get in touch with people over the weekend, we'll send out another email today I hope.

This is a jpg of Sleigh Bells, the 2013 Mystery Quilt.  It's 80" x 96".

All of which I believe,  goes to show you again that I am much better at quilts than at computers.

Pep said to say "And I'm not just saying this to needle you.  Sew there!"


  1. The mystery quilt is so cute! Will it be available to purchase?

  2. Jan I LOVE Sleigh Bells and would really like to finish mine if I could get the missing fabric for August and the missing September kit. I have emailed Tori several times with no response and I left a phone message asking for an answer but didn't get one. I am also in Spring Break and the last kit I got was the September kit even though I have continued paying for them. Could someone at least tell me what is happening and when to expect the missing kits!

    1. Tori said she got in touch with you and things are straightened out. We've put on the blog a couple of time and I'll put it here too. If anyone is missing blocks, somehow got off of our list, etc., please let us know now while we still have the fabric. Also please make sure you're using the email address. There are 2 or 3 floating around and that's the only one that gets to us.

  3. Jan I did let Tori know about the missing items MANY times. I also got missing fabrics since then but none of the missing kits I told her about in the same email and phone message so I know she got the information.
    Also that is the email address I have used every time.

  4. Dear Jan, oh how beautiful the 2013 bom is ....i cant wait to finish mine...i too like the previous comments am still missing OCTOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER i have paid for all the other months...emailed you and tori a number of times please take this into consideration from a very frustrated customer .....denise leach

  5. How I would love to finish my Mystery quilt too
    But I gave up on this quilt because there where no communication
    With Tory at all none!! But that is how I learned not to sign up to any
    Blocks or MQ when there is no reply on emails at all.

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