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Friday, January 31, 2014

Quarterback Sale - and we have a winner!

I am a Football Fan. 
My mother was an avid sports fan and I grew up watching college football on Saturday and Pro football on Sunday afternoons.   It was a pleasant family time.
And since I grew up in Kansas City, Missouri (most of Kansas City is in Missouri - not Kansas) and now live an hour north of Kansas City - I am a Kansas City Chiefs fan. 

 So my favorite quarterback is Alex Smith. :)

Lots of Chiefs played in the ProBowl last weekend but either Seattle and Denver will take the honors Sunday.

And I will be watching and stitching.  I always stitch my way through football games.   Jake is for the Seahawks and 2 of my sisters were born in Denver so I will be content either way.  And I'll probably have a quilt block appliquéd when it's over :).

This is Serenditpity - one of the quilt kits we've included in our QuarterBack Sale - you get 25% off - or a quarter back all weekend starting Friday and ending Sunday night.
You won't get your kit in time to stitch during the game but we seem to be having quite a winter - always a good time to stitch.

It's also time to announce the winner of our Front Porch Dessert Roll or Jelly Roll.
Julie Mortenson of Fergus Falls, Minn gets to pick which one she'd like.  
Congratulations Julie.  If you'll email Tori at and tell her which one you'd like, she'll get it out to you.  Hope you enjoy.

And we'll have a contest in February around our 2nd BOM we kit each year so someone will have a chance at the other.
Keep stitching ladies.

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  1. I saw your Front Porch in the Q. shop yesterday and it stopped me in my tracks!! HAD to have some!! I absolutely LOVE it!!


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