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Friday, February 18, 2022

And this week wasn't much better.

 Except for

my birdhouse table runner.  

I used the same patterns and fabrics from

the table stand to make a matching table runner.  It's 16" x 30"

and will look great  on my table for Easter.  

I'll show you the the table stand jpg when I get it

back from Sandra, our new quilter.

The table runner should be in the store soon.

But meantime

It snowed a bit.  We didn't get 7 inches like
they did in Kansas City but we got enough 
to be pretty but not cause a lot of problems.

Except there are supposed to be 
2 redbirds on the table.

Elizabeth found him in a pile of snow
under the table.

She rolled him around to clean him off

and now he's back where he belongs.

Have a good week ladies 
Stay safe and stay warm.

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

It's been a hard week

Especially for Cullen.

Here we all are out front - I

can't remember for sure why we are 

all looking up - I think it was an eclipse.

Anyway Cullen was standing outside 

with the rest of us - on both legs 

Here are his legs last Friday after his wrestling
tournament.  His leg has 2 broken bones just
above the ankle.

Then he tripped on one of his crutches and broke
a toe on the other foot.  He has to wear a supportive boot
on that foot.

He couldn't put any weight at all on the leg so
we ordered him a knee scooter.
We drove down to Kansas City and unloaded it
on the sidewalk in front of the house
because Cullen, Quinn, Max and Valerie all had covid.
Not a good week for him and I couldn't even
give him a hug.

He had surgery yesterday and thank God, it went well.

I think this is the foot with the broken toe.

And here is Sam I Am at the front window
saying a little prayer for him.
Or more likely praying that he could catch 
one of the birds out at the feeder.
Luckily he's not very good at it.

The only good thing about the week 
(except that Cullen's surgery went well and
no one had a bad case of covid) was that I got the 
spring table stand quilt
and a Mini Quilt designed.  

The Birdhouse Tablestand needs a better name

but I really like it.

                                                                Quilter's Moon Mini

Quilting soothes the soul.

They should be in the store soon.

Have a good week ladies and lets join Sam I Am 
in praying for a quick recovery for Cullen.


Thursday, February 3, 2022

Dang old groundhog


Jeff brought us lots of wood.

Pep's already got a cozy fire going,

 I made a big pot of soup for dinner,


I've got a Birdhouse Tablestand quilt
(front and back) to work on

So I'm kind of in hog heaven so it 
should be a nice day, even with a 
bad groundhog prediction.

Our vintage book this month is
Festival of Life so you can go
to the store by clicking here.

Have a great week filled with quilting.