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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Day 3 of Rummage Sale - Bzy, bzy, bzy

My husband would throw a fit if he saw me using text language when I should have been using correct English.  We got him a T-shirt for Christmas that said
"Grammar Police - To Correct and to Serve".
And actually he will see it because he always reads my blog.  Sorry, dear.

Anyway, we are having a Rummage Sale this week.

and each day we'll take a %age off of 2 kits

a BOM pattern,

a regular pattern

and a book.

I'm in the middle of 
1) Baking cookies and getting ready for Girl Gang here
2) designing patterns for the Fall Fabric line that shows at Houston
3)Dealing with all the things that go with living in the country during the growing season
4) Having 3 grown kids and 9 grandchildren
5) Having 3 babies (well only one is still a baby and he's growing fast) - Spike, Hunny and little Dobby.

Anyway, that means that it's hard to blog about it every day


I put a Gadget on the left sidebar at the top that will take you to the sale every day.  Just click on the picture and you'll go to it each day.  Today it's 35% off. On the blog, you can click on the picture on the left side, the names or click here.

Have a great Mother's Day, ladies and may it include some stitching.


  1. Sorry, I can't help but mention that your hubby might be the "Spelling Police", too and might need a's GRAMMAR.... LOL. Love your designs and fabrics, including my all time favorite, Hemming House!

    1. Love the Spelling Police - Really we need a proofreading police. I corrected it. And Basket Patch, made out of Hemming House is on sale 60%off today. You might want to get the kit just to have the fabric.

  2. My love your blog, the work he does are very beautiful, this primitive tendency of I really like, the colors of the fabrics, and I love your work .. I'm always visiting your blog ..