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Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Witch is In!

Ever since I made this quilt I've said that it wasn't really a Halloween quilt  - it was a "statement" quilt.  Haven't we all felt like hanging it on our door sometimes to warn everyone.  Well - this is one of those days - or really one of those weeks.

Remember the horrid pictures of what it looked like out my kitchen window last spring when they were putting in our new water line.  Well, it seems that in the process they not only sliced the heat pump coils (we knew that one right away) - but they also nicked our sewer lines.  Said sewer lines have slowly been letting dirt seep in and finally they're mostly stopped up.

A visit from our new friendly plumber will culminate in things being dug up again next Monday.  Meantime we use things as little as possible.  And the grandkids are coming this weekend.  I'm not cancelling that.

Hence, I decided to leave "The Witch is In" on special for another week.  

And I added Dresden Turkey

In my crankiness I try to remember to give thanks for all of the things that are good about my life - my husband and kids - and grandkids,
good friends and family,
work that I love - (we're stitching on quilts with the new Audra's Iris Garden line that will show at Fall Market - awesome fabrics)
A home in the country that I love and last, but not least Spike.

I think we'll go for a walk.  Then I can come home and stitch.  I'm sewing on binding - one of my favorite parts.
Tori got me a button at the Kansas City Market.  It says "I quilt so I don't kill people".  
Keep quilting ladies.


  1. We all have those days, I hope they can fix it without too much mess and do it quickly. Love the button saying, so true, lol.


  2. Love the perspective. It's good to acknowledge that every day isn't perfect.

    Your button sure is perfect for times like these.

    Hope the issues are resolved quickly and without too much more mess.

    Enjoy those little people.

  3. Oh, no, sounds like quite the mess, but hopefully those messes will be cleared up soon and always thankful for family to make things look so much brighter. I hope you received my email that Merry received your box and was brought to tears, she will send you a note in the mail to thank you for your kindness.

    Nancy Moore

  4. cracking up laughing! I definitely quilt so I don't kill people too! I never quite thought of it that way but it sure speaks the truth :-)

  5. Love this but can you tell me where I can find the pattern Pumpkins and Turkey Feathers? I saw it made and I really loved it..

  6. I need one of those buttons!!!! Thanks for the laugh. I hope things get better for you!