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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter everyone.  The last of the kids and grandkids just left and I am wery weary.  Friday was spent shopping, Saturday was spent cleaning and going on a long walk with grandkids.  The forsythias up by the barn just take your breath away.
This morning Cullen and Quinn got up, found their Easter buckets and started eating chocolate, one piece after another - until I took most of it away and hid it.  (I commented later that it was very clever of the Easter Bunny to leave all of that candy and then let Grandma be the one to call a halt to eating it because the Bunny had worked very late and needed to sleep.)  But with Zoie's help, we all got dressed and out of the house and into the car.  My sister Nancy (the one with the beautiful white hair) took 4 grandkids to church in Kansas City.  Cullen in particular was on a sugar high.  Then back home for dinner and the easter egg hunt - inside this year due to the rain.  The chickens have been outdoing themselves so eggs for deviled eggs and for the hunt were no problem.  Thanks, ladies.
Now it's blessedly quiet and I get to sit and stitch on my pillow when I'm through chatting here.  One of the few drawbacks to designing quilts is that you're always working around 6 months ahead.  For instance I just finished designing both a pumpkin and a snowman wallhanging for the Blessings fabric line.  So recently I started making Mini Quilts and now a few pillows.  That way as well as the bigger quilts, I can be working on something fresh and seasonal for my house.  And of course, I always make sure that I have enough fabric to kit a few.  Lissa Alexander (Moda Lissa) told me years ago that it's not nice to show people something you like a lot and then have no idea where they can get the fabric to make one.
It was a delicious weekend - full of family, church, good food and ...stitching.
Have a blessed week.

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  1. Hi Jan! A nice blog..and I look forward to reading more! I like a blog with a good mix! I didn't realize you are a Missouri gal!! Me too!... I'm just south of Moberly!!