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Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Hummingbirds are back

I haven't been to blogland for quite awhile.  And even tonight I only got to skim the blogs I follow - will have to wait to catch up when I get back from Market.  BUT....
1.  The quilts are bound
2.  The Girl Gang 09/10 quilt flyers are ready
3.  The yardage is figured for KC Star 2010 BOM and jpgs sent to Star 
4.  Latest Mini Quilt "Flags and Chickens" quilted, bound and kit pattern ready
5.  New secretary/girl Friday Tara working and adjusting (Barbara went to work for her sister-in-law.  Family calls!)
6.  The Fall fabric line "Looking Back" proofed and sent back to Moda
7.  Clothes ironed but not packed
8.  Applique ready to take with me
9. Celebrated Pep's birthday today and talked to all my kids and grandkids
The hummingbirds are back and the garden is really starting to bloom.  And I'm leaving for over a week.  
Wonder if I can enter the drawing for the hooked rug at Laurie's booth.  
Happy Mother's Day to us all
See you when I get back.


  1. Love your new little quilt
    Wow you have been busy!
    Looking forward to seeing your new line, love the name!
    Looking back..and when do we get to see the new girl gang design????

  2. Jan! So glad to hear you will be at market! I can't wait to see your lovely booth and view all the new things you will be doing!

  3. Jan, I hope you win the rug; it's beautiful. Enjoy market and give us a full report when you get back. A lot of us are jealous!

  4. Hi Jan
    I hope you win my rug also, go over and join in on the drawing! I am so sorry to be missing this market - but see you in Houston.

  5. Jan, the hummingbirds are just wonderful, aren't they! My mother is 83 and lives in NC. She said when the hummingbirds start visiting their feeder just outside her sewing room she is filled with hope and delight.

  6. Jan
    I am ALSO lusting over your jacket, why didn't we think of that - fantastic! I sure missed market, had to live thru the photos - had to accompany my husband on an important deal and missed market - see you in Houston
    Polly Minick

  7. Thanks for all of your comments. I just love my hummingbirds.
    Polly - I didn't win the rug but Kathy Schmidt did - darn her anyway. No - really, she was so excited! I would have been too. Laurie told me what you were doing and we both agreed you are a good wife. We'd rather be at Market. See you in Houston.