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Thursday, June 11, 2009

So much new - so little time

Some day before Market, some kind soul dumped a very pregnant cat at our doorstep. She soon had kittens and when they were around 2 weeks old, she disappeared. Here is Zoie feeding one of the kittens with a syringe full of kitten milk replacer. (We found that easier than using a kitten bottle. The kittens couldn't suck on it, it was too hard.) Zoie just slowly filled the little tummies - you could see them expand - and then the kittens fell asleep. We found homes for 2 and 3 now terrorize us. You haven't lived until a kitten jumps for your leg and your slacks or pjs are thin. Pep was adopted by Deuces, Kelly was adopted by Dave and Jake was adopted by Waffle.
And spring is always the time for new growth - new baby chickens
and raised beds full of peppers, tomatoes, flowers life.
I may actually get to quilt again sometime. I did get the 4th of July Mini Quilt done and I found time somehow to read my favorite blogs.
I laughed and laughed at Laurie Simpson's floor blog - even more so because I can really see it happening to me soon - we're getting ready to do Max's old room. Thanks Laurie.


  1. All your new little ones are so precious, isn't this time of year amazing, Zoie is precious too.

  2. Love this time of year when the babies come out to play in the yard.
    We are getting more birds now that our trees are getting big enough for nests.


  3. I love baby animals of any kind. They're just so darn cute. But I would love to be able to have a herd of baby kittens!

  4. I love your baby chickens! Our little ones are getting quite big!
    We put in some raised veggie beds this year too! How much nicer it is to tend to!
    Enjoy your weekend!