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Friday, December 31, 2010

End of 2010 and another Mystery

It's almost over - another year, that is. Time flies so quickly these days. And it doesn't slow down much even if I'm sitting at the computer reading blogs instead of posting :)

And the end of another year also means the end of another Mystery Quilt. This one -
the Miami Valley Album Quilt is is in France right now and the patterns will be in my book published by Quiltmania next spring. I didn't have time before it left but when it gets home I'll embroider names on the blocks - that will be fun. We do have a few kits left so if you want one now you can still order one.
Meanwhile I'm multitasking today. Cullin and Quinn are here for the weekend and I'm refinishing my mother's twin bed for Cullin. Then there are curtains to make. And of course, stitching on blocks for next year's Mystery Quilt.
Have a good New Year's Eve Day. Be sure to watch the blog and your email tomorrow. The women in this family are football fans so tomorrow promises a big pot of chili and football games. But Tara and Kelly got together and cooked up something quilty for those of you that aren't.
Happy quilting.


  1. What a lovely quilt and looking forward to seeing whats 'quilty' tomorrow:)
    Hope you don't mind me asking here, but I tried several times to order the day of your Christmas special offer-the emails kept returning delayed etc I was wondering did you receive any of them or is it too late now??

    Thanks Shazy x

  2. Love the new mystery, wonderful appliques and beautiful fabrics.
    I need to finish up what I started, then I can get started on some new ones.


  3. Happy Happy New Year!
    I look forward to your new book for this pattern, love the way it came out!
    love the pillows just adorable!