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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Arkansas, Des Moines and Home Again!

Here I am at the Arkansas Quilt Congress with Jeanne, Linda and Ann.
Jeanne (on the left) facilitated at the workshops I taught and was a great help (she even brought candy for us). Linda (in the blue jacket) was the program chairperson and maybe even arranged the whole shebang. She was awesome. Besides keeping everything running smoothly she took time to take me to breakfast each morning. Ann (on the right) is president of the Guild. I really, really want to thank them all for a great teaching and lecture experience. Besides being very competent they are all really nice people and great quilters. If you live anywhere near the area, they are great people to hook up with.

This is "Flags of the American Revolution" - which is part of my trunk show/lecture. And it's really special right now because I

talked Melissa Becker into making me some button kits so you can get the star buttons. It includes all of the very small white star buttons for the Bennington Flag block and the First Stars & Stripes block along with the blue star buttons she designed for the Guilford Courthouse Flag block. She made them for the shops years ago when it was a Girl Gang quilt and very nicely said that she would bring them back into production for me. So if you want to order the book and make the quilt, you can order the buttons too if you want them. Thanks Melissa.

We got home from Arkansas late Saturday night, unpacked, repacked and left for Des Moines on Monday.

Here's a pic of the booth - or part of it. We had a very nice time and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves - met a whole bunch of very nice quilters as usual. After a 2 day set up and a 4 day show, it was time to go home again. And I'm really glad Des Moines is so close - about 2 1/2 hours.

Spike was really glad too. He stuck like glue the next few days. Here he is, trying to climb in my lap. I keep telling him he's getting to0 big. He's not a baby any more. His face is looking more and more like a bulldog - getting his big boy teeth.
And we don't leave for Houston and Market until the 25th. I really don't think he's going to like that.

But meanwhile we're at home and decided to have a fall special on Jack at the Gate - one of my favorite Fall minis. This week (Oct. 11th - 17th) it's only $29.00 - that's a little more than 15% off. We sold most of them at Festival so order yours now.
And speaking of stitching, my line for Market got here yesterday.
Let the sewing begin!

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  1. Sounds like a really fun time, even with the hard work it takes to put it all together!