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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Of Cabbages & Kings

So, let's talk of many things ...... probably not cabbages & kings though.

First - that bogus email saying we had been mugged in Madrid.  I would never ask you all for money.  I have a husband, 3 kids, a sister and brother and American Express if I ever get stranded in a situation like that.  But I was in Madrid last year.  At least I was at the Madrid airport on my way to and from Nantes, France.  It is awesome!  I showed a picture last year but in case you missed it, here it is again.

But the email did bring up email issues.  You all know that we have been having trouble with the regular mail for about a year now.  Well now we're having trouble with our email.  Some - just some - are not getting through.  Lori, my quilter, called Monday with a question about a quilt.  She said that she had sent me an email Saturday.  I never got it.  That was to my personal email account.  We have also been having trouble with purchase orders not getting here.  Mr. Biddle at Moda and I have had to set up a doublecheck system because some of the purchase orders don't get here.  He's showed me a screenshot of his computer saying they were sent - and they never got here.  Recently I realized we hadn't gotten the Market Exhibitors package from Quilts, Inc.  Rose said she had sent it and I believe her and we never got it.  She did resend it and I met all of the deadlines, whew!.

What this means to you is that some of YOUR emails aren't getting through either.  And this is with 2 different servers - my personal email server and Yahoo!   So how can it be the server.  My son says we live in a communication black hole up here.   We've had people say they sent emails 2 or 3 times and we didn't respond.  Tori and I check the email at least twice every day.  If you do not hear from us within 2 business days of sending the email, try again or call.

And that brings up another issue - the phone.  If you call and the phone rings and rings and rings and no one answers it doesn't mean that we're not here when we say we'll be, it means we're on the phone.  Why in God's name Centurytel decided to do away with the busy signal is beyond me.  

Back to the regular mail issues.  We're going to try something new.  We have had a schedule for around ten years that has always worked well but not any more.  So we need to change it.  We have always shipped our BOM's the 2nd and 3rd weeks in the month.  That worked fine when it only took 2-3 days to get a block.  Now, the mean time for delivery of a First Class package seems to be about 3 weeks.  At least from here.   

                                   Cockscombs & Pomegranates - Block #3 - May

So - We'll be shipping out our BOM blocks the first half of the month.  Then maybe you'll at least get them the same month.  Imagine - the May block in May!.   Cross your fingers.
And we're sending them First Class-Delivery Confirmation which means they will be tracked.  Quite a few people had asked for Priority Mail and said that they would be glad to pay it.  Priority is tracked but not everyone wants the extra expense and we would have to be at the post office to get the tracking number.  Tori will have to take everything and spend about an hour getting all of the tracking numbers for the Delivery Confirmation too but it's about a $1.00 cheaper.  It will cost about $2.50 more to send it this way.  We'll split the cost - the blocks will only be $23.75.  We'll try this and see if it works.  The Postmaster at Kidder said it should make things go faster.

And we have someone new cutting the kits - she's just breaking in.  Hopefully everything this month should be there.  Really, she's just new at cutting.  She's been helping with the sewing for a couple of years now and is very OCD about seams and making things meet so we didn't check the kits.  Our bad.  It should be corrected by now.

Back to the Cabbages & Kings.  This is one of the baby starlings we found on the cold concrete by the office door about a week ago.  We brought them in to keep them warm and to keep them from being eaten by one of the cats.  Then Zoie found a recipe for baby bird food on the internet.........

we mixed it up in Pep's new Vitamix and made baby bird pablum..........

This is Polly with Zoie.  They still need their pablum but are fully feathered.  It seems we have 2 new pets.

So - the quilt on special this week just has to be Cockscomb and Bird.  Regularly $64.95 - this week - until May 10th - only $54.35


  1. That is so sweet, you might end up with permanent buddies, lol.
    I love watching the birds this spring.
    I notice things have been slower in the mail, lately, it is a shame that they can't run the post office better;)


  2. You might enjoy reading the book, "Annie, The Darling Starling". It is geared toward younger readers but is also enjoyable for adults to read. A friend of mine who is a school librarian loaned me the book to read a few years ago. I was surprised at what a delightful read it was. And a true story. Used copies are available through Amazon.

  3. Jan, I have been trying for months to get in touch with someone. I have called , left voicemails, and sent emails. Once I got a reply from Tori. She said she was going to have Byron call me. I have never heard from him. Last year I received the mystery BOM and it was charged to my Visa. This year i have not been charged. I received January and March. I left a message that March was missing the background fabric but have not heard back from anyone. I have not received February. I would like to be able to talk to someone so hat I can receive the missing block and so that we can resolve the issue that you have not received payment. I have been making a huge effort to reach someone.
    Sue Schultz

    1. Boy, oh boy, oh boy. OK I just spent 5 minutes trying to find out how to email you right now. Can't find a way. Clicked on the letter, your name (that at least took me somewhere) but no go. Tori went through her notes. She emailed you on April 17th to tell you that the February block was on the way. She did forget the missing fabric. We'll get that out. So you just need the missing fabric and April's block. And to be charged. Apparently you haven't been getting our emails either as Tori says that she has emailed you twice to let you know what's going on. We won't be in the office over the weekend but if you can call between 10:00 & 2:00 CST we'll be here. If it just keeps ringing, call back. We're here - just on the phone.

  4. Have you tried Click and Ship from the USPS??
    No need to wait in line at the PO, just print labels, pay for postage on line, then ask for carrier pick up. You get a discount on shipping, and free delivery confirmation. Check it out, you will like it.

    1. I know we used to do something like that with but there was some reason it wouldn't work for the BOM's. I'll ask Tori though. It would be great if it worked. Thanks muchly.