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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Instead of blogging

I teach a couple of Girl Gangs and one of them met at my house last Saturday.  Toni remarked that I hadn't blogged much lately.  She's right - I've kind of been a lousy blogger.  

Here's what's been keeping me busy.
First, I've been watering the garden.  We have raised beds and they have to be watered twice a day.

We've had lots of visits from grandchildren.  Cullen and Quinn live in the city and come to the farm every week or two to run around and go crazy, visit their cousins, go to the swimming pool in town and adopt kittens.  This one went home with Cullen.  Someone abandoned it in town by Kelly's apartment. It crawled up over the wheel well and under the pickup bed.  Luckily Zoie heard it meowing before they drove the pickup and crawled in the space to rescue her.  Blueberry and Cullen are best pals now.  (He's really not choking her, he just likes to hold her that way and Blueberry is fine with it.  She clings to him wherever he goes.)  

And I water the garden.

Then there's corralling Spike and Yoda when Yoda comes to visit - which is often.  Yoda lives with Zoie in Cameron in an apartment.  The first couple of hours they're here Spike and Yoda run up and down the drive, around the barn and chicken yard and back to the house.  Then they come inside and tear around in here until we make them go back outside.

And I water the garden.

Somewhere in the middle of the day, I  check the water in the birdbath behind the house.  Our deer has been drinking all the water every afternoon when she comes for her snack at the birdfeeder bench.  I also doublecheck the chicken yard to make sure they all still have water.  

And I water the garden.

I told Pep this morning that if I didn't love my flowers and fresh vegetables so much, I would stop watering the garden.  I am ready for a hard freeze already.  And I may have to stop anyway soon.  They're starting to restrict water in town.  I'm glad I water by hand as it uses much less water that using an overhead sprinkler.

Speaking of a hard freeze, I got Samantha Snowglobe out and decided to put the kit on special for 30% off for a week.  Maybe her snowflakes will bring cooler temperatures and rain.  :)

Deuces had found a good way to cope with the heat - take a nap on the couch in the house.  I may have to go join him.


  1. You do keep busy, but in a good way.
    I water by hand too, I think it is less wasteful and I don't need to water the weeds;)


  2. I water by hand too. Just one bed in the front and a few hostas on the side. Our backyard is just weeds and grass. A project for the cooler weather. :-)

  3. I would bring blueberry home with me too! :-) Looks like a very relaxing summer so far. We've had very little rain here too. And yes... I caught myself dreaming of snow yesterday (and I don't like winter at all) lol!

  4. I guess life isn't all about fabric. NOT!!!! LOL