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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Here is last year's Mystery Quilt - the Collector Series revisited.  It was designed years ago by Linda Brannock and I.  One of the reasons I wanted to revisit it is that the original disappeared years ago.  We only made one and Linda thought I had it and I thought she had it.  Actually, neither of us had it.

It does hang straight but I didn't tell Tori and Falisha that when you take the picture you have to pin it at the bottom too or it won't look straight.  It is.

Isn't Lori's quilting awesome?  I just love the center of the zinnia.

One of the few changes I made was to replace the 3 pieced birds block with an angel block.  Linda's forte is piecing.  Mine is not.  Angels are.

And I love the fabrics for the basket and beeskeps.  I do so enjoy sewing on the binding and getting to look at all of the varied blocks and the quilting.

And we're on to a new year.  This is block #1 of Sleigh Bells, this year's Mystery Quilt.  We've had lots of people sign up for it - there's a waiting list.  If you belonged last year you are automatically signed up for the new one unless you tell us you want off.  Most people have asked for that so they don't have to worry about getting a place.  If you're too busy, have too much on  your plate or are just plain old tired of BOM's, please let us know asap so we can fill  your place.  

And it's time to be getting ready for Valentine's Day.  My how time flies.  This is Heartsong and it's on sale this week - for a whopping 40% off.  I just love the birds and the hearts and that border fabric - 
Keep quilting ladies.


  1. You are right! The quilting is beautiful. The blocks are each very special.
    I'm having trouble trying to purchase a book in your store...there is a problem with "add to cart". I'll send an email.

    1. Thanks. Sorry for the trouble. I know last week when we had a free shipping coupon, I looked and I had done it correctly and it just didn't work. We just refunded people the shipping.
      Technology is great - when it works.

  2. That is a wonderful quilt, love the church too. I need to go though my books and pick out some pieces to make, I have lots of your books now.


  3. Thanks. This is going to be a fun quilt.
    I just love to see what you have done with things.