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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dog Days of Summer

This is going to have to be quick because Dish is supposedly coming to switch out internet service.  We'll see if we're really in a communication black hole or if this helps.  Cross your fingers and say a prayer.

Meanwhile we decided that this was a good week to put our Farmer's Market kit on special.  15% off for this week only - unless I forget to change the price in a week. :)  
I did finally remember to change the book on special for July.

Outside the veggies are all enjoying the warm weather.  The tomatoes and peppers are finally growing and my climbing rose continues to bloom.  The coneflowers are in full bloom too and the zinnias and dahlias are on their way.

The rest of us (dogs included) are glad to get inside by about 10:00 now that days in the 90's are here.  And in Missouri that's a very humid 90.

This is Zoie and her Japanese Chin, Yoda, a couple of Christmases ago.  I'm showing it to you so you can see his general size.
Jake took Stumpy with him when he was in town and Stumpy pretty well trammeled Yoda.  Poor Yoda didn't know quite what to do with the little whirlwind.

Here's why :)

He's used to holding his own with a Labrador.  And she still plays like a puppy.

When she gets too rough he hightails it under my chair or the couch.  But that's not very often.

He's one tough little guy.

 Hope you had a good 4th - ours was awesome.  All 9 grandchildren were here - a good mix - the older ones could help the little ones with only a little help from their fathers.  Shannon (Brian's wife) kept the turns in order - and Pep and I got to sit in our chairs and watch.  
All in all, a very satisfactory arrangement.

The blogs will be few and far between this month - I'm designing quilts for the next fabric line and focus, focus, focus.  My mind doesn't do anything else much.  I'm only a little OCD when it comes to the design process.

But I do have my stitching every morning and night to help me relax.  And dogs to keep me entertained.  :)

Keep stitching ladies


  1. Dank voor uw fijne blog met de honden.

  2. I can't wait to see what new designs you come up with. I have a lot of your books and lots of quilts on my, to do list.