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Saturday, November 23, 2013

New Tutorial - Berries, Stems and Inside curves

Jake and Misty Doan - (talented filming and editing people)
 uploaded my latest tutorial at the end of the week.

This time we're focusing on the Snowman Basket block from my Snow Day BOM.
To see the tutorial click Here.

And I've decided that each month when the tutorial is uploaded I'll have a "special" on the pattern and kit for 2-3 days only.  Oh and in case you're on my email list and already know about this, the sale is through Sunday, not "to" Sunday.

So be watching my blog or Facebook (or I guess subscribe to my You Tube channel) because the sale will be really short since the patterns are new.
To get to the store, click here.

And I thought we were going to have a Snow Day yesterday - or really and "Ice Day" but luckily we didn't.  I'm not quite ready for them yet.
We need to have Thanksgiving first.
But it is great weather to stay inside and make a quilt  :)


  1. Dear Jan, As my very first applique project I just finished your kit "Cabin in the Woods"! And so, just loving your kits so much..I ordered your "Natalie's Baskets" as my first "big" project for the coming year. I am still a fledgling appliquer (for sure) but I am so looking forward to making this one. I watched your tutorial basket video and really like how you present your methods...I have Jenny's template already and am excited to start. Thank you so much for your generous tutes..hugs a big fan, Julierose

  2. P.S. oops...Actually your name for the kit was "Cedar Creek"--I have named mine "Cabin in the Woods.

  3. Julierose - I'm so glad that they're helping you with appliqué. I do so love it and find it relaxing. I started the tutorials to help other people learn how easy it can be and am glad to know it's succeeding. Lots of years ahead of creativity and fun.

  4. Dank je wel Jan voor de tutorial.

  5. Hi there

    After waiting almost 2 months to receive my "Lilly's Hearts kit" parcel which I ordered on 13 September, I noticed there is quite a few problems with it...

    1. Four of the five background blocks for hearts were only 8" x 10" instead of the 10.5" x 10.5" - these were too small to applique the heart shape onto.
    2. Missing the pack of Remembrance Turnover for Pieced blocks

    I simply would like for the missing and small pieces to be replaced. 1 month after complaining, I still haven't received a reply from your team. I've just been told by PayPal that I need to send back my package at my own expense.

    As mentioned, I do not wish for a refund. I love the fabrics that were sent in the quilt kit, however some pieces are too small to create the quilt and there are also pieces missing.

    I do not believe that I should have to pay for a return postage on this. As I live in Australia, this is very pricey to post to America, and I am unsure why I should be the one to cover this cost - just think its a little unfair.

    Can you please organise for the missing pieces and undersized pieces to be replaced asap? I would love to get started on this beautiful quilt!

    I am so disappointed it has taken so for a response, and I hope contacting you here might mean I hear from someone soon!!!