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Monday, December 16, 2013

Happy Holidays….

It was a busy, busy weekend.
First, due to the weather, Cullen and Quinn were here for 3 days instead of their usual 2 - that always makes it exciting.  Max brought them up Thursday night after he got off of work so I wouldn't have to try to drive to Liberty in the sleet and snow Friday.

We were going to go cut our tree (we grow our own Charlie Brown Christmas Trees just for us - here at the farm) on Saturday but it was simply too cold.

We decided to wait until after our trip to Uncle Brian's on Sunday.  If you wonder why the tree only has lights on it (and no decorations) and Cullen and Quinn, Jake and Zoie aren't in the picture, it's because Grandma was a bit tired and she forgot to take pictures.  Aah well.  But the boys definitely stated they wanted to be here to help get the tree and lots of memories were made.
The decorations will go on slowly this week.

This is my 3 Cabins Quilt.  It's part of my Happy Holidays You Tube thingy - not a tutorial - just a message.


  1. Love the tree and everything looks so nice together with the quilts.
    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family.


    1. You too Debbie. Thanks for all of your comments. I always look for them. You have a great week.

  2. Merry Christmas to you. My dad and grandparents lived on 5 acres many years ago and I LOVED getting these Charlie Brown trees.

  3. Well, we ended up getting ours this year in the dark but Saturday the kids did a dry run picking one out from the warmth of the truck. It's always a fun time. Like I said, good memories. Seems like you have them too. Hope you have the best of holidays, Michelle.

  4. Just found your blog... not easy even from your Youtube channel... but I persevered and glad I did... I love the way you write... just like you talk :) Love seeing inside your home with all the projects you have had... I see that cute snowman in your hoop waiting his turn! Thanks for sharing via blog! Look forward to reading you more in the future too! Kathi

  5. I love your Charlie Brown tree!!!!
    Merry Christmas!

  6. Your home is looking very festive! I loved your little Youtube Christmas video, Merry Christmas to you too from way over is scorching hot summer in NZ!!

  7. Your Tree is just Lovely, perfect for where you put it....I do so enjoy your Blog posts, I usually lurk but thought I would wish you & Family a most Blessed Christmas.......

  8. Jan, just love all your work and reading about your family. Have a wonderful Christmas..

  9. Thanks to all of you - lurkers too. And a most blessed Holiday season.

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