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Monday, March 10, 2014

March Hares - Calendar Quilt, Block 1 or Table Stand Quilt - or both

Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest.  Hmmm - not when you're really sick of winter!
My Sunday afternoon was spent taking all of the snowmen, holly berries, winter quilts & rugs and lovingly storing them until next year.

Out came Spring!  - Bunnies & birds & Iris!

Audra's Iris Garden got to hang in the foyer this year - last year it was traveling.
(We still have a few kits left and of course we have the patterns.)

And Farmer's Market is home this year too and went to the back of my chair.  (For the pattern, click here and click on the name for the kit.)

I tell you ladies - it is SPRING here - at least inside anyway :).
Outside's doing pretty well too - for today - this is Missouri.

And today is the first tutorial on the Calendar Quilt/ Table Stand BOM.  
I'm really excited about this.  It's lots of fun.

Block One is March Hare.

It will include the Applique block each month and a log cabin block each month.
And every month on the 10th (or as close to the 10th as we can get) a tutorial on the block will be posted and then we'll ship the kits close to the 15th.

You can buy the patterns month by month for the table stand quilts and the kits too.  However if you want to make sure you have the kits for all of them or want to make the big quilt, you need to email Tori at and sign up.  We'll ship kits to the sign up people first and then put the rest in the store.
We all know by now that when we run out of fabric, we run out of fabric.

And speaking of fabric, all our existing club members and anyone new that signs up will be in a drawing for this great Front Porch Dessert Roll.

We were going to have the drawing for it today but since it's a Monday, we'll wait until tomorrow so everyone has a chance to sign up that wants to.

Good luck ladies.


  1. Your spring decorations look wonderful, a great way to chase the winter blues away.


    1. Boy howdy - what a winter. Going for a long walk with the dogs and then stitch. Have a nice day, Debbie.

  2. It's springtime here across the river too ... Illinois, that is! Yay!

  3. It is Spring time here in California ! Just came in from working in the yard and everything is blooming :-D

  4. Hi Jan. I love this years Mystary Quilt so much.
    If only you could have this as a PDF download for us that adores your patterns so much and live trillions of miles away from each other .
    That would be solution to all postage and comunication

  5. Good morning! Just getting familiar with the site. Love your work and Audra's Iris Garden above is an awesome pattern. Thanks!