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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Dobby's Day

Hi, my name is Dobby (when I was a puppy, I liked socks -- a lot) 
and I'm a Welsh Corgi.
Welsh Corgis, for those of you who don't know, are herding dogs.

And I want to tell you - herding this bunch is quite a challenge - especially around Market.

But Market or no Market, I take Mom for a walk late every afternoon - it's good for her - helps relieve stress.

We walk to the treeline at the bottom of the hill and then back up.  
 Spike starts out with us but usually sits down about halfway there.  
We used to walk on the gravel road down to the creek but bulldogs have a tendency to stand in front of cars and try to stop them.
After a couple of rather big vet bills Dad mowed us a path to the treeline behind the barn.
Looks like it could stand mowing right now.
Corgis are medium sized dogs with very short legs that can corner on a dime but shorter grass makes our job easier.

Back inside, I always help Mom with binding the quilts.
This is one of my favorites, the Moda Love quilt from the Castlewood line.  I helped with it.  
And Mom did a tutorial on it too.  You can watch the tutorial by clicking here.

Mom said we got to chose our quilt to have a special on and this is mine.  You can buy a pattern or kit by clicking here.

Oops, gotta go.  Mom's up and moving and better make sure she goes the right way.

Meanwhile you can go see what's up with some of the other Moda designers and their blogs.


  1. You're a smart dog know how to help with binding quilts! Perhaps you can come and help me, too;-)

  2. Hello Dobby Love, both links on this beautiful quilt lead to you tube. The second does not lead to your mom's shop! Guess it's because you are so excited today! Best wishes from over here to the whole family!

  3. Well it looks like you have it all under control along with your other furry buddies. Thanks for sharing.

  4. One day... I will adopt a corgi! So cute! Thanks for reminding me of this quilt... I love and have it on my list of quilts to stitch... this just might be my Summer project!