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Friday, August 7, 2015

Meeting myself coming and going

A lecture and workshop in Edmond,Oklahoma for their guild in August.  A wonderful group of quilters in a very active guild.  
And since I have been doing either "Jan's Notes" on my website or later a Jan's Blogspot for just about as long as there has been internet you would think I would remember to have pictures taken.
But no - I didn't!
And thank you ladies for a very nice time.

Then back at home to put the finishing touches on the patterns for fabric line (Garden House) that will show at Fall Market


come up with a fabrics, colors and a name (Fern Hill) for the line going to the mill.

And of course, there's still the husband and house, grandchildren, chickens, dogs, cats, bunnies and a visitor Pot Belly Pig named PeeWee Piggleston to be dealt with.
Life certainly is full and interesting.

 "Circle/Star Candlemats" or Table Stand Quilts

On that note, we do have a new tutorial on "Squares within a Square" that went live this week.


Straight Squares and Squares on Point.  To Watch the Tutorial click here. 

We sent out an email but I think the link got put in wrong or something.  We are quilters not computer geeks and that happens occasionally.

Anyway there is a sale on both the kits and patterns this week.  To get to the sale click here.

This very neat quilt is by Susanne Steil.  She made it incorporating patterns from "And Kitty Makes 3" and the Circle/Star Candlemats.
Isn't it awesome.
Thanks Susanne.

And now, off to Kansas City to get contacts for grandson Jake and pick up munchkins Quinn and Cullen for the weekend.

I'll try to show you a picture of PeeWee Piggleston next time.
Any bets on whether small, cute pigs start showing up in my quilts?


  1. You have been busy, but life is more fun when we live it to the fullest;)


  2. Thank you Jan for all your tutorials. Have a nice day. Greetnes from Wilma

  3. Jan, it was my pleasure to make it! I'm so happy you like it! Thanks for showing on your blog! Greetings from Germany!!!

  4. Jan, you are a hoot. Another great video to learn from. Enjoy your grandchildren.

  5. Hey Jan, do you also offer the Pumpkin Head Pattern as well? I have fabric to use here with my stashes, but Love the quilt design. Planning on a making a Runner for my Farm Table! Thanks so much!

    1. Yes, there's a pattern too. Just go to the store and do a search for Pumpkin Head pattern and it should come up. Or call Tammie at 816-632-7632 and she'll send it. Thanks.