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Tuesday, September 8, 2015


It's been a very hard day, especially after yesterday.  Last week the girls told me that a lady(a shop owner) from New Zealand had called about a Mystery Quilt BOM from a couple of years ago.  She wanted a refund of her moms money - all 12 months because she had returned some of the blocks.  Tammie looked into it and we only have a record of receiving payment for 3 months.  This was when Tori was here and she kept lousy records and didn't send things.  PayPal, however, keeps excellent records.   We can't find a record.  
She called again today before Tammie could call her back.  The long and short of it is that I told her we would refund the 3 months immediately and would be glad to return the rest as soon as we had some type of proof of payment.  She may have payed it - it really is possible that Tori got payments for months and didn't send the blocks but you'd think there would be some record on Paypal.   I just don't think asking for some sort of verification is unreasonable when we can't find a record.

Apparently I had replied to a Facebook message in 2013 saying that Tori had said it was all her fault and she didn't know why she had missed it.  I don't know why she missed it either but Tammie and Brittany can't find the payments either.  The woman's manner is bullying and abusive and Tori may have just been caving in since she kept such lousy records.  She has threatened to put things out of context on Facebook and report me to Moda.

To give every dog her due she has been replying to the email address on the last email Tori sent which has been defunct since Tori left.  So I'm sure she's very frustrated.  But I have a website and a blog with the current email address.   And yelling at me has never been a good way to get a positive response.  That's why I design instead of owning a shop.  
I have a very short tolerance for rude, bullying people.

As of right now, I'm going to return the money to her mother.  It's probably not a good idea to cave in - Like Chamberlain to Hitler - but I'm going to do it anyway just so I don't have to deal with her again.
Anyway, all of this is not simply to whine :) about lousy customers but to say "please don't message me on Facebook if you really need to get in touch with me."  I enjoy Facebook when I have time but I quite often don't have much time so I won't see your message.  My current email is always on my website and my blog.

On a much more pleasant note, this is the pillow Pep gave me for my birthday.  Isn't it awesome?  
I took a picture and sent it to all of the kids and my sister on my phone.
Nancy thought for awhile that it was a real bulldog sitting in front of a flag on the chair and wondered why he gave me another bulldog.
It does look real doesn't it.
And Spike is more than enough bulldog for now :)

Keep quilting ladies.


  1. So sorry you are still dealing with all that carp. Hang in there.

  2. Also, I absolutely love the pillow. It does look like a real bulldog! lol

  3. I'm sorry to hear that someone is bulling you it's just not nice. Hope this never happens to you again and you keep better records now so something like this can not happen again. And I'm surre this lady (whoever she is) is normally a nice person but just frustated (and I'm sure she's not Hitler;-)
    Love your pillow it's cute:-)

    1. I'm sure she's not Hitler too :) Probably just having a bad hair day the same day I was.

  4. Hi Jan...I absolutely love your patterns and quilt are an honest, talented lady ...your company has always been eager to help and I personally have never had any problems..don't let this experience get in your head-it will take up too much space so don't allow...maybe this woman has many issues don't make them your issues...say a prayer for her and let go..your reputation is strong and flawless it will stand strong.. Many quilt hugs. Mary

  5. I thought it was a real bulldog too. I thought he was being pretty good with that patch balanced on his eye. LOL

  6. lol! You know... I thought that was a REAL bulldog!?!?!? Only when you mentioned it was part of the pillow did I look at the pic again and see it was not. :-)

  7. Jan, put this woman in the context of all the wonderful quilters you meet and deal with. Overall they are a very people!!!