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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A couple of New Clubs and Market Looms.................

But First lets back up a little.

September just went by in a whiz.
First I went up to Iowa and filmed a PBS Fons and Porter segment hosted by my friend Patrick Lose.

It was really interesting to go through the filming process - working with Patrick who knows what he's doing made it easy.
The show will air sometime in late December or early January.

Then on to Illinois for a lecture and workshop with The Pride of the Prairie Quilt Guild.

Here I am with Cheryl Barkdoll and Sharon Zabransky, the program co-chairs.
All in all a very nice group of ladies and advanced quilters- lots of fun to work with.

Then back at home we played with our latest Mini Quilt Club offering

3 Pumpkins, 2 Windmills and a Cat.

You can order it by clicking here.

And  we've revised a few of our clubs (for more information click here) and started a new one
 - the Table Stand Quilt Club.

This is our first Table Stand Club offering - two sided as usual - 2015 Acorn Lane.

 Each little quilt is 12" x 25" and folds over the table stand so that you can put the stand on a coffee table or any table where both sides can be seen.  Or just put it on a desk or regular table and turn it around for two different little quilts.
And if you join the club, you'll not only get 15% off of the kits but 15% off the Table Stands and any additional headers you order all year.
There will be 4 to 6  quilts each year and will run around $25-$35 depending on whether Weeks hand dyed floss is included.
The quilt is on sale today because it's the first day of the tutorial.  To watch the tutorial, click here.
The order a kit, click here
To join the club, email Tammie at and get an additional 15%off. Don't buy the kit online if you're going to join the club.  Tammie will have to invoice you at the extra 15% off price.

And in the midst of everything we're getting ready for Market.

These are the Garden House fabrics that will show at Market.

My quilts showcasing these fabrics should be back from Lori's tomorrow or the next day.  So I get to spend my weekend sewing on bindings - one of my favorite parts of quilting.

Have a good one ladies.


  1. It does seem like the months are whizzing by, the good thing is, it will be spring before I know it, lol. I tape the programs so I look forward to seeing your show.


  2. I love your patterns!! Have been following since 1992 when I started.

    Thank you