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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Finally - At Long Last - It's About Time!!!!!

I'm finally finding a minute or two to blog.  I've been promising myself (and Tammie and Rosie and Pep) that I would for about two weeks.

Things have just kept happening since I last posted.

The baby chickens got here.  The guy playing "king of the waterer" is a small rooster - see the red stripe down his nose.
They're all so cute  and pretty fragile when they first get here so they take some attention if they're going to grow up and give us lots of eggs - not the roosters of course.
Zoie brought over an Araucana rooster last year so I ordered 3 pullet chicks for him this year.

And of course Cullen and Quinn are here every other weekend - here they're playing with the "bokkens" (Japanese training swords) Pops got for them - outside implements obviously.
Their father (Max - who is very active in the RST - Renaissance Sword Theater) commented that Pep got to pay any hospital bills.  Hopefully there won't be any :)

And then there is our new cat Rufus - kind of half kitten - who thinks that its a priority to sit on someone's lap at least twice a day and get petted for at least half an hour. 
Someone dumped him. He showed up after a thunderstorm, soaked, matted, bedraggled and covered with ticks. After a visit to the vet to get the matts shaved out, tick and flea meds applied and "tutored" (neutered) we had a very expensive free cat who settled right into the house.
I think I may have mentioned that last time but it's worth repeating.  He is such a joy!

Of course Spike and Dobby have to have their twice daily walks which fits right into my doctors prescription for healthy living.  Here Spike gives a ride to the barn to his favorite butterfly.

This week we're having a BOGO.  Buy a kit for the Garden House pillow and get a free pattern for the "Watermelon Days" quilt.  You can get the pillow by clicking here. Or just order the  pattern if you already have the pillow kit.

I promised the recipe for Pep's Watermelon salad.  It's simple but delicious.

Peel a watermelon and cut the inside into cubes.
Mix with mint leaves and crumbled Feta cheese.
Drizzle with Balsamic vinegar.

Easy, peasy but very refreshing on hot summer days.

We're also having a sale this week on Flock Party - both the kit and the BOM to give you plenty of time to get one ready for Fall and Thanksgiving.

And since we kind of skipped over July we're having a "Christmas in August" special this month with the 1/2 price book Up on the Rooftop - one of my favorites

But before Thanksgiving or Christmas we need to have Halloween.
This is our new mini quilt Jack Stack which will be shipping to our club members as soon as the Fern Hill fabric gets here.
If you want to join the club and get 15% off of Jack Stack and all Mini Quilt offerings you can email Tammy at and she'll put you on the list.

For now, keep quilting :)

And you might want to sign up for our email list to keep up on the specials just in case things get this hectic again.  I hope not but you never know.  :)


  1. The chicks are so cute. We are zoned for farm animals, but not sure if I want to add more to my to do list. Looks like you are enjoying the summer with the grand kids, mine are in malaysia visiting her family, so no fun with the kids, this summer.


  2. Love this post! The expensive free Rufus and the butterfly on Spike...haha. Thanks for the recipe and showing us the beautiful quilts.

  3. Just logging in here because I love your fabric lines. AND Just purchased Fern Hill from a seller on ETSY. Can't wait to get it. Just a weird question. The background on your site here looks like a fabric design. If it is, is it still available for purchase somewhere? I just love fabrics with dainty flowers and designs. THANKS FOR READING!