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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Moda Blockheads Block #5 - Coronation

by Lisa Bongean.

Here's the block I made using her Liberty Gatherings fabric.

To download the pattern for Lisa's block click here.

Now,  be sure to go to everyone's blog to see what they've done with it, especially Lisa's.

Facebook has decided, I guess, that I have enough friends.  They say that I have reached my limit of 5000 whenever I approve a "Friend Request" and say some people will have to drop off before I can have more.  This is not on the Blockheads group, just my page.  
If this is a mistake could somebody tell me how to fix it.

And I need to tell you that my blog this week and next will be super short.  
Pep is having a hip replacement next Wednesday in Kansas City.  
Lots of doctor's office visits an hour away, x-rays, blood tests, yada, yada, yada.
And lots of adjustments to be made here at home for when he comes home from the hospital a week from Friday.
He has a good doctor, he works at the hospital and has lots of support there and from his family.  
He's going to be fine but prayers will be appreciated.

And I've been getting lots of stitching ready to take with me.  :):):)


  1. Speedy recovery to Pep and I hope there is time for you to actually stitch during the lengthy wait times!

  2. Love the block you've made.
    Sorry can't help you about your facebook page I don't have facebook but 5000 friends are already a lot;-)
    Wishing Pep that everything will go well with his surgery and a good and speedy recovery.

    1. Just wanted people to know why if I don't approve "friends". And thanks for the well wishes

  3. Hope all goes well for Pep. I had a hip replacement in Mid December 2016. I feel so much better now. Slow but sure...the wisdom for the days ahead! My husband was so tired from having to do all my "chores' before and after my surgery so take good care of yourself too!