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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Once again it's Wednesday...........

And it has been a very busy week.
Saturday I took Max's sons Quinn & Cullen and joined my son Brian and his lovely wife Shannon, along with their kids Gabriel, Lilly and Brooke
and we all went to Silver Dollar City.

And of course I had to take some quilting along - my summer Table Stand "Birds & Bee's".

Cullen & Quinn, Lilly & Brooke.
Luckily Brian very thoughtfully rented a scooter for me so I could keep up.

Then yesterday, he rented a boat and we went simming and "tubing".

Quinn, Lilly & Cullen as well as

Gabriel & Me.
(It took both Brian and Brian Jr. -he's 18 - to help me get back into the boat 
but I made it!!!!!)

 Then this morning I had to start for home because I decided to go at the last minute and didn't get my Moda Blockheads post ready.
I mean - Its Wednesday.

I missed the bumper boats and cars and the zoo.

And the bungee jumping.

Cullen and Lilly said it wasn't hardly scary at all the 2nd time.

Apparently tonight they're doing night time Zip Line and I'll miss that too.

Can you believe the sacrifices I make for you all and Moda?

And since it's Wednesday we need to post Jo Morton Block #15 - her "T" Block.

You can download the pattern for the block by going to her blog and you can go to her blog by clicking here.

Now lets go to the other designer's blog and see what they've done with the T.

Have a great week ladies and meet me back here next Wednesday for Week #16 of the Moda Blockheads BOW.


  1. Glad you made the sacrifices for us. Looks like a lot of fun.

  2. Oh I had loved a pic showing you bungee jumping though!!!!!!! :) :) :)

  3. Never sacrifice like that again. Be with your family

  4. I agree with Kathie.
    Love the pics though.

  5. That water looks so cool and refreshing! It's hot here. Very very hot. Perhaps you can go back another time for bungee jumping and zip lining?????

  6. It looks like you had some fun time with the family and there is no way I would bungee jump, lol.


  7. It looks like your family had a lot of fun. Our family motto is: The family that plays together stays together. Your finished block looks fantastic! --Andrea

  8. Ladies, that "sacrifice" was tongue in cheek. Bungee Jumping and Zip lining???? Me?
    Although I promised Brian that next year I'd think about it. He got me into tubing this year -- maybe zip lining next year. Bungee jumping - NOT

  9. Love your work. Patterns are interesting and fun. Will be trying this block very soon...after I feed the real flock of tame and wild birds I care for. Nuts about finches.


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