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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Moda Blockheads - Block #26

Cat's Cradle by Betsy Chutchian
To download the pattern for her block 
go to her blog by clicking here.

Last week I answered this week's question and in the process found out the answer to my often wondered Freezer Paper question.
Our wonderful David sent a picture in a page from one of Elly Sienkiewiecz's books that cleared it up.  A lady named Anne Oliver from the Washington D.C. area discovered somehow that if you ironed Freezer Paper to cloth it stuck and she shared her knowledge.
We all owe her a big hug and "Thank You".
And a big "thank you" to David for letting me know about her.

OK - now I'll answer last week's question about setting.

Here's a drawing of what my quilt will look like - mostly.
I just counted the blocks and there are 49 instead of 48.
Soooo I'll take one block out of the top row and make the
star strip 6" longer and add another star.
I'm not sure what color the sashing and borders will be but the center will be tan.  I think maybe the tan hearts print from Fern Hill.

I'd have a better picture for you but we won't even go into what's been going on with my computer.
Right now my I-Mac (after a huge lightening strike that knocked out the surge protector) is having issues.   It's been to the Apple Store and then to a person to recover all of my data.   Right now it won't hook up to the internet so I had to print this out and take a picture and post from my MacBook.

So I'll give you the links to the other designers and you can see what they're doing.

Lynne -

Have a great week ladies and meet me back here next Wednesday for Week #27 of the Moda Blockheads BOW.


  1. Love the layout of your quilt and the center part, too!!! Wonderful!

  2. link to block 26 not working. How do I get the pattern?

  3. I love seeing your plan for the finished quilt. It is great! I love it!

  4. Hi Jan, will you be sharing the pattern for the center appliqué block? It is wonderful.