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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

My Turn for Moda Wednesday

Block #8
Pineapple Block

To download the pattern click here.

And now I'm going to tell you to only somewhat 
follow the directions on the pattern.

It's going to tell you to
3. Position appliqé A on the background square, referring to the key block diagram. Pin or baste to the background and appliqué in place. In the same manner appliqué all shapes in numerical order.

That will work but it's not quite the way I do it 
and it has some drawbacks that I'll explain later.

So ...... to back up - cut your pattern out of freezer paper
and iron to the right side of your fabric.

Cut the patterns out of the fabric adding 1/4" seam allowance.

Now baste under the top of the pineapple shape.
We're going to appliqué the marking to the pineapple and 
this will give us a better idea of where to put them. 

Baste under the top of each of pieces C  thru G.

Lay them on the pineapple with the basted top touching
the bottom of the next piece's seam allowance.

Put a dot of glue on the back of each piece and put
the piece on the pineapple body.

Applique Pieces C thru G to the pineapple.
You can go to my tutorial on points for a refresher
by clicking here.
These aren't the sharp, sharp points like a star has
but the principal is the same.

Now that the pineapple body is done 
we turn to the top and baste under both sides.

Applique the pineapple body to the top.

With your pineapple in one piece, 
you can appliqué it to the background.

To watch my tutorial on "Inside and Outside curves" 
for the top click here.

I almost always sew my multiple piece appliqués together
before sewing them onto the background for multiple reasons.

1) It easier to work with small pieces
2).  If you decide you want a different color background 
or you don't like where it is on the background
it's much easier to take the pineapple off and change things.
3).  It you're hand quilting the item, you can cut the background out
behind your appliqué to get the small quilting stitches you desire.

That's how I do it 
It's your quilt---do it the way that is most comfortable for you.

To appliqué my 6" Pineapple Block 
I have been using my Lap App.
This is the cover I made for it using the pattern that came with it.

It's great.

You can sit it on your lap and adjust it.
It has a sandpaper board,
place to keep 3 spools of thread handy and
a little magnet for your needle or small scissors.

I'm putting it on sale this week - first come, first serve.
We'll fill all of the orders but may have to backorder some if we run out.

So now lets go see what the other designers 
have done with my block.

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Jo Morton of Jo's Quilts probably won't be posting
in Blockheads much except when it's her block
 but you might just want
to drop in and see what she's doing.

If so, click here.

Well, that makes 12.
I seem to be Lucky 13.

Until next week ladies, 
Keep quilting.:)


  1. Love your cute little pineapple!!!! Happy quilting, Jan!!! Thank you!!!

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