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Thursday, September 5, 2019

A Day Late........

Well, Maybe 5

One of the not so great things about raising chickens is
that everything wants to eat them.
Recently we've been having a lot of trouble
with critters getting into the brooder house 
and dispatching my babies. 
Raccoons are NOT CUTE when they kill
my chickens.
We still had all of our laying hens but I lost my 
"pet" chickens - ones that are around not because they 
produce well but because I like the way thy look - 
kind of like playing with dolls. 

We called in a Conservation Agent who helped us
get the brooder house secure again.
I tried to order new babies from the usual hatchery
but it is past the hatch date.  Our friendly Conservation 
Agent came to the rescue Again with the news that the Amish
were having a small animal auction last Friday so my sister 
Nancy and I got in the car and drove to Jamesport.
We didn't have an address but "just find a place with 
lots of buggys and pickup trucks and you'll be there."

And guess what I found?

Lavender Orpington babies.

Who will grow up to be Lavendar Orpington hens 
& roosters. So now I have purple chickens to 
go with my purple fabric and quilts. 
I am assuming they will lay tan
eggs like my Buff Orpington hens but who knows.
Maybe I'll get lavender eggs - my aracaunas lay blue eggs.

And I also bought these 4.  They have feathers 
on their feet like my Cochins did.
Does anybody have any idea what breed they are?
I haven't had time to research it

mainly because I've been working on this months
Tablestand Quilt - Fall Favorites.

I would have gotten a turkey too (Max and Zoie both had
pet turkeys when they were kids) but they came up last and 
Nancy and I were too tired to wait.

Have a good week ladies - maybe I'll be back on schedule 
by then and post on Wednesday.
Holidays always throw me off.  :)

And I almost forgot
Deal of the Week

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Trick or Treat
Wilhamina Witch.

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  1. I enjoyed your chicken post. Yes I lost four of my favorite chickens in two weeks during August. I suspect hawks. It has been hot and dry and I know they have to feed their family but I wish it wasn't with MY chickens!

  2. So sorry about your chickens!! Glad they seem secure now and you got replacements.

  3. Enjoyed seeing your new chickens. I'm no help with naming the breed but they sure are pretty. Speaking of purple, I wanted to make sure you saw a quilt I recently finished. It is one of your patterns and I used the Lilac Hill line. It was a joy to make from start to finish.

  4. I had to quilt letting my chickens free range because of foxes mostly. Also coyotes, hawks, and golden eagles. I am planning on extending their coop and adding a long low run next summer so they can get out more.