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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Tuesday, Day 7

Sarah's Secret

And our Mini Quilt (25" x 20") for today
(fast and easy stitching

To enter my drawing for a free pattern 
make a comment about why you love 
being a grandma and I'll have the 
random number generator pick a number 
and announce the pattern winner tomorrow.

The winner of the pattern for "Welcome"
is Karen from Breezy Point who said
The free block today looks pretty
challenging, but striking.  Love the little mini-

Karen, if you will send your name and snail mail
address to Tammy along with the name of the pattern
you won, she will send your pattern to you.

Now we've got some hopping to do.
To go see what Betsy is doing click here
and to catch up with Lisa Bongean click here.

See you again tomorrow for Day 8.


  1. Grandmas get to do all the fun activities and then send the kids home


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  2. I Love being a grandmother because now I no longer need to be the strict working mom kee*ing everyones schedule, etc. Now that self is *acked away and I get to be the fun Nana. We get messy-so what, wear crazy clothes outside, eat fun good food when we want, conduct science exerience, we Create Art...I was told no one does Crafts. I clean there room as a sur*rise. Take long walks after dinner to discover nature and talk about everything. While my son frown and com*lains that he had chores, etc. Where was this carefree mom when he was growing. "My answer was doing your laundry" then he calls his brother to see if anything is wrong with me.... I could go on and on hay seeing a art of me and all my family before me in this child enjoying life. It's almost like being reborn yourself. Excuse the asterisks. The letter between O-Q refuses to work. quiltyladyrr-at-gmail-dot-com.

  3. I love being granny because you can love them and spoil them ... then send them home till the next time!

  4. I'm not a grandmother, but was with my sister this weekend who is. She can let them have Lucky Charms for breakfast!!

  5. Being the Nana of three girls means I can teach them to sew.

  6. Grandma gamer. Get to hang with the twins and game. Ahhhh!

  7. I love being a grandma, cause it is a do over of being a mom!! First meeting with my grands and it was love at first site. I love being able to do things for them and having them come to visit.

  8. i'd love to be a granny but my kids are not interested (although I am still keeping all those baby quilts just in case!!!) LOL

  9. Not a Grandmother to a two legged but to my daughters
    two four legged ones in wonderful - who knows maybe one
    day a two legged one will appear... either way its wonderful..

  10. I am enjoying being a grandma because it gives me an excuse to take off work once a week to watch my grandbaby and spend a whole day focused on nothing but fun!

  11. I have five grandchildren, 4 that were not born into our family and 1 that was born into our family. They each are such a joy to us. What a blessing to be able to, once again, pray over children and pour love into them!

  12. I love being a grandma. Grandkids are so much fun. Baking together, movies, overnight slumber parties, going on walks looking for found treasures, gardening (my 5 year old grandson loves planting the pumpkins and vine stuff every year and harvesting)Being a grandma is the best! I have 6 grandsons and 1 grand daughter

  13. I have three boys, one of which is married. I do not believe they will have children. But, I do have a grand dog! She's a feisty little one, but I love her. Best part, I get to love on her. Grand Dogs have to be the next best thing to Grand Children~~

  14. I love being Grandma to my 10 grandchildren. My own kids are so dear to me......but being a Grandparent opens up a whole new kind of love!! Best thing ever!

  15. Ahhh! I love being a grandma!! I have two grandsons, one will be 9 yrs the end of this month and the other is 6 months old. I love spending time with them, teaching them, sharing and making memories and of course spoiling them ;-D

    Great pattern! I love all that you do, you’re so talented!

    usairdoll (at) gmail (dot) com

  16. I am not a grandma, but I love the mini quilt today. . .

  17. So much to love about being a gramma! I love to see my own children experience all the joys of parenthood. I love seeing everything through the eyes of a new generation.

    The mini quilt reminds me of kids at play!

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