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Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Sampler Spree - Week 5

Usually the blog is written the day before

and scheduled to post early but there just 

wasn't time yesterday so here we are today. 

Top Row:  Block 22, Block 31, Block 49, Space
Bottom Row:  Block 71, Block 67, Block 35, Watering Can Applique

I am going to try to be showing the work of some of you using my 
patterns because I enjoy it so much and life has been so stressful lately,
Here is "Patchwork Garden, first by Janice Black and then by Linda Aiken.

One of the reasons life has been so stressful lately is the fact that the doctor who is taking care of the hydrocephalus has been ill himself and hasn't been able to put the shunt back in.  So lets all pray for his
continued health and wellbeing.  My brain and my quilts need him up and running. :). And I'm sure he
would rather feel well just on his own. He's also a very nice man as well as a very talented neurosurgeon :)

Back to quilts, aren't they both awesome?  If you would like me to include one of your quilts in one of our Quilt Shows please send a jpg to janpatekquiltsinc@

See you next week with more of Susan's blocks.


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  2. I signed up for your fabric bags and so happy I did! The fabric is beautiful and I love the bags-I still have a few from years ago. Please tell Tammie Hello from Elizabeth and Chibby (my Akita). Thank you for doing this!!

  3. Your quilt blocks are beautiful in your purple palette. I wish you the best of health!

  4. Prayers for you and your doctor

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