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Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Happy Blockheads Wednesday

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

or on the farm.

After starting the coffee each morning
the first thing I do is
sweep the leaves and water the plants.

Mostly - as you can see the leaves just
keep falling.  :(

I just love all of my pumpkins.

Then I get my coffee and walk
up to the chicken yard where
the chickens are waiting at the gate
eager to get out.

Jeff or Nancy have already let the
out of the chicken house and they
really want to get to the grass and stuff.

Back at the house I spent the morning yesterday
stitching and watching the congressional investigation and stitching.
I'm working on this Fall's Tablestand.

We have 2 patterns on sale this week - a BOGO.

The Witch is In

and Trick of Treat - 

It's time to get ready for Halloween.

Tammy had a family emergency and had to be
out of town so they may not be on sale at the store
until Thursday.

I know how to work my computer but I'm not 
very good with hers.  
Anyway, happy stitching and see you next week.


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